9 Best Dog Breeds for Hiking

Experiencing the wonders of the great outdoors was never meant to be done alone. Instead of looking around for someone to take in the breathtaking sights of Mother Nature, why not have man’s best friend accompany you on your adventure!?

Below are the top 10 breeds that will be as excited as you are to go experience the world outside:

1.    Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd
These herding dogs were bred in the US in the 19th century. They are athletic and social dogs that are very smart and easy to train. They are happiest when physically and mentally challenged, which is why they make wonderful hiking companions!

2.    German Shorthaired Pointer

Originally bred as a hunting dog, these canines feel most at home in nature. These dogs adapt to all terrains and most weather conditions, which means they will be happy to accompany you anywhere!

3.    Siberian Husky

This working line dog is known for its level of endurance. They require exercise and live to be challenged. If cared for properly, you can take full advantage of their intelligence and strength. They are the best partner to have on hikes in colder regions.

4.    Vizsla

Vizslas, much like German Short-haired Pointers, were bred for hunting and retrieving purposes. Though they prefer warmer weather, these dogs can adapt to other temperatures as well. If you are taking them out in the sun a lot, make sure to protect their skin because the breed is prone to skin cancer.

5.    American Foxhound

This breed is extremely playful and energetic. They need the freedom of being outdoors to thrive; they were originally bred for hunting, which is why they require the exercise to be content. Plus, they are loyal and obedient dogs!

6.    Bernese Mountain Dog

These dogs were bred in Switzerland for multiple jobs; herders, watch dogs, cart pullers and farm hands. They are accustomed to slightly colder climates, so don’t opt for them if you are in warmer areas. They have a calm disposition, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to keep up on your adventures!

7.    Rhodesian Ridgeback

These dogs were originally bred to hunt on the vast plains of Africa, so you can just imagine their athleticism. These dogs aren’t high-energy, but they are great for those who need a companion on more difficult hikes.

8. Australian Cattle Dog

Originally bred for herding cattle, these dogs are great on all terrains and have the outdoor life in their blood. Take them on any adventure of your choosing and watch them bloom.

9.         Jack Russell Terrier

Don’t let this guy’s size fool you. They were bred as hunting dogs, and are extremely energetic and intelligent. They require exercise to expel their energy, and make great companions for fast-paced hikes.

We hope we were able to find you the right companion for your next adventure!

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