8 Ways You Could Catch Coronavirus Outside


The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is here, as according to Doctor Anthony Fauci. However, until over seventy-five percent of the entire population of the United States is vaccinated, then most of us are still at risk of contracting the very infectious and potentially fatal coronavirus, as especially as more and more cities reopen. Although remaining at home will reduce the way the virus spreads, there are still numerous ways in which it can still be transmitted. In this article, we will highlight ways in which you can be infected by the virus while on the outside.

You Are In A Densely Crowded Area

Due to more parks, roads, and trails being reopened, more densely populated sidewalks, trails, parks, and beaches will ultimately force individuals to be in much closer proximity could result in a greater risk, as stated by Doctor Lili Barsky, an urgent care provided situated in the Los Angeles area. It is encouraged that people try their best to avoid areas like these, that are so heavily populated, plus even if you find yourself in an open area that does not have that many people in such close proximity, still try to protect yourself by having a mask or some form of the face shield, just in case you end up in an area with a lot of people surrounding you.

You Are Exercising Near Others

As there is no concrete way of telling who has the coronavirus from who does not, especially as there are many people that are asymptomatic, exercising close to others can be particularly dangerous. If you begin to breathe heavily and rapidly because of the exercising that you are doing, jogging, running, skipping, etc. then the risk of inhaling droplets from the air is greatly enhanced. Therefore, you should engage in running or taking a jog when there is the likelihood of fewer people busying around. This could encompass selecting times during the day that are unpopular for this type of activity, such as midday or late evening, trying to stay away from the popular early morning and afternoon times.

You Are Touching The Railings Of An Escalator

The coronavirus is commonly known to spread less through contact with surfaces that were contaminated, according to the Center for Disease Control, however they still provide the warning that respiratory droplets could also land on objects and surfaces. So the possibility is still there that individuals might contract COVID-19 simply by touching an object or surface that has been contaminated with the virus and then placing your hand on your mouth, eyes, or nose. While using an escalator, the majority of people hold on to the rails, and people that are sick could potentially sneeze or cough the particles onto their hand s and then on to the railings, which can then be transferred to another person. You should walk with a portable bottle of hand sanitizer to use once you disembark from the escalator.

You Are Touching Public Payment Devices

You must use your fingers while using these devices and not everyone has clean hands, so you will be touching the dirty stylus, credit card swiping machine or automated teller machine, or touch screen payment screen. There are even some institutions that have signs requesting that the users of some of these machines refrain from wiping down these devices prior to use, in case the chemical you are using causes some issue with the person after you or to the machine. If you have to use any of these devices, it is strongly encouraged that you refrain from touching any part of your face until after you have a chance to wash your hands with antimicrobial soap and water, or at least apply an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Using Doorknobs

Everyone has to open a door of some kind to enter or exit a building, so to protect yourself from catching a virus that could cause you suffering from chills, fevers, cough, aches, and cold, you should contemplate opening these doors with a glove, your sleeve, paper or tissue towel and as usual an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that can be used afterward.

Frequenting Reopened Bars And Clubs

You should definitely think twice about consuming alcohol in such a manner. Firstly, the consumption of alcohol results in reduce immunity functionality and can alter your level of thinking. Due to the renewed sense of freedom because of the loosening of the restrictions persons might be inclined to consume more alcohol than usual, becoming more impulsive and less inhibited, thereby neglecting the importance of remaining vigilant as it relates to the coronavirus. Secondly, bars and clubs have settings that encourage close contact, which is definitely a situation that should be avoided at this stage.

You Have Started Back Going To The Gym

Gyms and fitness studios are not necessarily the safest place to be during a pandemic, especially where you will be sweating a lot. As the coronavirus is primarily contracted through contact with small droplets, surfaces that are covered in sweat are undeniably a way in which the virus can easily be transmitted from one person to the next. In the event that you do visit the gym, ensure that all the surfaces that you come into contact with are properly wiped down and the equipment disinfected. Remember to disinfect your hands as well as you move from machine to machine.

You Are Touching Elevator Buttons

Elevator buttons are surfaces that most people make contact with on a daily basis, without even thinking about it, however, our thinking was altered during the pandemic as it relates to this. You will most definitely come into contact with this as you continue to work or restart work after the lockdowns or even as you visit places of business to conduct your own, remember to have a consistent hygiene practice and show extreme diligence.