8 Vegetables You Can Easily Grow In Your Home

Just because it is winter time, doesnt mean that you cannot grow vegetables.

Close up of small plants

Gardening can be a fun activity and growing your own produce can be an extremely gratifying experience.  The winter season is not when you would normally think of gardening, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could grow some of your own food in the “off-season”, it can decrease your carbon footprint since you will be living more sustainably. Plus, it is a lot more cost-effective than buying veggies from the market! 

Whether you live in an apartment in the city, or a house with a backyard in the suburbs, there are plants that you can grow in your home. Below is a list of plants that are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance if you’re just getting started with gardening:

1. Tomatoes 

It usually takes indoor tomato plants around 60 to 80 days to produce fruit

Tomatoes come in many varieties, so choose one depending on where you are growing it. They can be grown in containers or outside. This spring and summer fruit can only be grown one plant per pot.  You can have perfect tomatoes, even in the middle of winter.  Look for more detailed instructions on your seed label for your choice of tomato. 

2. Carrots

look for the shorter varieties for planting in pots

Plant carrots in loose rock-free soil in either a deep pot or a plot of soil. Sow the seeds 2 to 3 inches apart; for pots, look for shorter carrot varieties and make sure that your pot is deep enough for the carrot to grow its roots.   Plant carrots in fall or winter; they will be ready to harvest in roughly 10 weeks.

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