8 Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Outdoor Furniture

Your patio furniture is essential to making your outdoor space feel like a second living room. But, since it’s outside, it’s easy for it to get a lot of wear and tear from rain, wind, dirt, and even cold temperatures. So what can you do to make sure new patio furniture doesn’t become a yearly expense?


1. Refurbish

Refurbishing is often associated with electronics, but you can refurbish – or replace parts – on your patio furniture, too. If a vinyl strap breaks on your chair, you can often fix it up like new all on your own, thanks in large part to online tutorials. This is also a huge money-saver, considering you’re simply fixing or replacing a part, rather than buying a whole new piece of furniture.


2. Refinish Metal Furniture

Sometimes your furniture just needs a bit more shine. For materials like wrought iron and aluminum – which can be prone to rust – refinish it with either a primer or wax. To get rid of rust that’s beginning to spread, stronger methods like sandblasting can be used.


3. Dust And Polish Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture looks great, but it can easily catch dirt and debris. To avoid that, scrub down your wicker furniture with a nylon cleaning brush and soapy water twice a year for a deep clean. Then rinse it off using fresh water with a hose. The last, and key, part is to let it fully dry in the sun.


4. Make Your Fabrics Water Resistant

Fabrics can be prone to mildew, especially if they’re caught in the rain before you can bring them in. To avoid this, use a fabric-protecting spray finish on all your fabrics, including pillows and cushions.


5. Use Lubricant On Wheels And Hinges

To avoid rust, and to keep away squeaks, use a silicone lubricant on any wheels and hinges. This goes for chairs, grill stands, and even the umbrella handle.


6. Deep Clean Each Piece Of Furniture

Be sure to clean all of your furniture twice a year, once at the very beginning of the warm season and once at the end. A simple mild soap and rinse should do the trick. And don’t forget your umbrella, too; after all, it’s catching all that rain!


7. Rearrange Your Furniture

Where you place your furniture matters, too. For example, certain trees – like hickory, oak, and other nut trees – can stain your furniture due to their oils and bark. Nuts and acorns can also fall and ding your furniture. Additionally, don’t place furniture under any bird nest or bird house, to minimize bird droppings on your furniture.


8. Always Clean Up

General maintenance is also key to making your outdoor furniture last. If any beverages are spilled on your tables, or any bird droppings lands on your chairs, clean it up immediately. And since things like sunscreens can leave residues, wipe down your furniture every once in a while to keep everything looking brand new!

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