8 Interior-Design Trends That Will Emerge in 2021


Interior and exterior designs for that matter are constantly going in and out of fashion as the years turn. According to the professionals and experts in the fashion and interior design field, here are some decorating trends that will be possibly making a comeback every which way in 2021.

Granny Chic or Grandmillennial style might rise to popularity

Professionals have described the rising trend in granny chic as a contemporary restoration of the homey design components which most persons may find in the homes of their grandparents. This style is designed to bring to mind that feeling of comfort, tradition and nostalgia. When you think of grandmillennial, you should be thinking of antique paintings, floral wallpaper, crocheted throws, delicate china and vintage touches that also carry a whimsical flair to it. It is certainly a trend to follow during 2021.

Peel-and-stick Wallpaper will probably be trending this year

Wallpaper that is self adhesive and removable is showing some resurgence, in particular with individuals that might be renting or who are seeking lower commitment options to upgrade their living quarters. For an easy, simple yet dramatic room alteration, peel-and-stick wallpaper is an excellent choice. Individuals could get creative and as easy as 1,2,3 peel it right off when they become bored of it. As most persons might be cautious of covering a room entirely in wallpaper, they could try applying it above the molding in the bathrooms, or above the chair rail in the dining room or even placing them in closets.

Smooth tiling in the kitchen could be edged out by Rustic ceramics

2021 kitchen designs might start switching uniform, smooth backsplashes for more handcrafted, colorful ceramic tiling. Subway glass tiles or smooth porcelain tiles may be a thing of the past. Many professionals are beginning to see more and more handcrafted ceramic tiling which displays some natural variation. Cover entire walls or create unique backsplashes with the ceramic tiles. However, these handmade tiles are quite often much more costly than the traditionally manufactured ones, therefore persons could just select individual pieces to add to a design as accents in order to reduce the cost.

Green cabinets could be one of those big trends in kitchens for 2021

Green seems like it will be a huge color for 2021. For persons that might be seeking to at a bit of drama to their kitchens might just want to think about painting their cabinets in green. In 2021 persons will be paintings in light as well of darker shapes of this color throughout their kitchens and cabinetry. Due to the fact that green is a combination of both yellow and blue colors, it compliments very well with both of these cool color palettes and warm designs of the kitchen. Pairing Carrara-marble counters with green cabinets could assist in highlighting the gray through the veins of the stone.

The next Big trend could be Industrial styling in 2021

High ceilings and exposed stonework are often elements of Industrial interior designing, it would also include metal and wood components and natural or neutral colors. This style that has been described as fuss free might be a seriously rising trend this year as many individuals continue to spend more and more time at home. A combination of traditional and modern designs is what makes the industrial design style what it is, it also works well for spaces indoors that have to work as multifaceted areas for work, play and life.

Making a comeback is plastered walls

Prior to the innovation called drywall, the interior walls of homes and offices were created by layering plaster entirely over wooden strips known as laths. Plaster is much more complicated to apply as drywall is faster to install and offers a much more consistent surface, however the texture and depth of the plaster is making a serious comeback. If individuals want to investigate this trend without having to rip their internal walls out, try applying a thin layer of plaster unto the drywall.

Likely to be trending this year would be Rattan and Wicker furniture

Experts believe or have started to see proof that woven furniture styles will be rising in popularity in 2021. Wicker and rattan designs are on their way to the front, as these natural materials include lightness and warmth to the décor of the home. Woven palm trees are used to create Rattan furniture and wicker members are usually manufactured of woven willow twigs. Each design style is lightweight and could be easily utilized outdoors or indoors, making them quite flexible.

Synthetics might lose their popularity over Natural fabrics

Nylon and polyester are synthetics fabrics, as well as rayon and these may just lose their footing to the natural and recyclable textiles during the year 2021. Especially with the constantly increasing awareness of environmental issues and the impact of synthetic materials to the environment, there will likely be a definite trend away from these synthetic fabrics to much more sustainable natural materials and fabrics throughout the home. Textiles such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and low impact linen appear to the set to be the prime candidates to take over in 2021.