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8 Important Flight Nuances Most Passengers Don’t Notice


Regardless of if you had headphones on or were indulging in a book the previous time you were on a plane, ensure that you look around and be more vigilant and careful the next time you are allowed on a plane. By doing this, individuals may pick up on some interesting characteristics that are known to an elite few such as flight attendants and frequent flyers. There is no coincidence that during a long flight there is a specific type of airplane that is utilized or that there is a reason behind your seat being blue.

The Design Of The Cabin

The next time that you are allowed to travel by plane, regardless of if it is for a short flight or a long one, try and pay attention to the sort of airplane that is being used for the flight. If the flight is considered a long one, the airline will schedule a larger and roomier aircraft. For instance, an Airbus 350 has side walls and cabin floors that are straighter than what would be found on other smaller air carriers. The reason for this is that passengers will be more comfortable due to the increased head and shoulder space.

Differences In Seats

In the event that the next time you fly it is a long-distance one, the airline will schedule an airplane that has been fitted out just for that reason, flying for long periods. The configuration for the aircraft allocated would be in accordance with something like an Airbus 350, as they are the planes that normally handle long flight times. In this plane the spaces between each row of seats are more generous as it relates to legroom; the cushions on the seats are also made of better quality material. In addition to the extra legroom, there is also additional space between each armrest.

The Way Air Circulates

In addition to the Airbus 350, there is another popular kind of airplane that is well suited for long-distance travel; this is the Boeing 787-9 or Dreamliner. In each of these airplanes, a special ventilation system in the cabin area makes the air much more humid. The reason for this is that it will not make the eyes and skin feel dried out as it would during flights on other airplanes. On average the air in the cabins circulates approximately every three minutes.

Window Types Are Different

As it relates to the Dreamliner, this specific airplane carries windows that are known to be thirty percent larger when compared to windows in similar-sized airplanes. What is more is that they are not equipped with any plastic shades, plus every passenger has an electronic dimmer attached to their seat. The flight attendants can darken or lighten the shades automatically.

Back Seats Which Are Safer

Are you unsure of where to seat the next time you travel by plane? Then try booking a back seat, as according to research the back seats of airplanes increase the chances of survival in the event of a plane crash more than forty percent. Is the dilemma between window or aisle seat? Then this is more of an individual selection, however, in the event that you are a person who frequently visits the bathroom, and then an aisle seat booking is for you, simply out of respect for the other passengers.

Getting Rid Of Germs

The majority if not all of us have witnessed an individual cough or sneeze while on an airplane. In case this person is in close proximity to you, reach up to the panel located just above your head and turn the air vent on. Then angle the airflow in your direction, in this way, it will act as a shield by blocking the germs as it will blow them away. Anyways, the cabin air still circulates every three minutes.

Avoiding Jet Lag

It may be very unpleasant to have jet lag, however, if you find yourself on a flight from New York to let’s say London, for instance, there is no need to panic or be worried. The body will adapt easier to traveling to the east when compared to traveling in the opposite direction. There may even be a chance that you experience some weight loss. In addition, the person may also arrive earlier than intended due to the fact that the plane flies faster from west to east because of the high-speed jet streams of air.

Why The Color Of Plane Seats

There is a massive reason for seats on a plane being the color that they are, that color is blue on the majority of airlines. This specific color is chosen because according to science it creates a feeling of calm and aids in relaxing the passengers. Plus they are easier to maintain clean. Red is considered to make persons alerted to danger and have thoughts of stop signs, for instance. In addition, you can have many persons traveling by air for the first time and could be afraid of flying or being in the air.