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8 Best Dog Jackets, Winter Coats And Raincoats

Whether or not you live in a cold climate, your dog may benefit from wearing a dog winter coat. Dog winter coats can keep your dog warm when it’s cold outside and dry from the cold rain if it has a waterproof lining. Plus, many dog winter coats serve as a fun fashion statement, with bold patterns and fun colors. We reviewed dozens of dog winter coats to identify the best ones you can buy. We looked at waterproof coats, doggie parkas, and raincoats to see which coats offered the warmest protection from the elements without compromising style. We also considered price and what sizes were available so that the dog winter coat could accommodate different breeds.

GF Pet Trekking Parka

The GF Pet Trekking Parka is a perfect match for sporty dogs with a flare for fashion. It’s water-resistant, color-block design and warm Sherpa lining make this dog coat a must this winter. Comes with a Sherpa lined hood that can be used to cover the ears in extreme cold or pulled back similar to a hoodie when not in use. Unique patent pending Elastofit® technology give this dog coat a stretchable neck and chest girth section for unrestricted play. It also allows the jacket to expand and fit your dog’s unique fit. We have not come across an insulated warm coat in this style that also combines this type of stretchiness. Easy on and off with no need to have your dog step through or put the coat over their head. No more leg lifting to get them in!

Ruffwear Powder Hound Dog Winter Coat

The Powder Hound is a full coverage, sleeved-style dog coat that blends technical materials for weather resistant warmth. The upper portion of the coat is polyester fabric with 200-gram synthetic insulation. The lower portion is a breathable, technical, stretch knit. I like to think of it like a similar material to human Under Armour® wear. A convenient zipper on the left side of the jacket allows for a high-performance fit. The Powder Hound has low-light visibility with reflective trim and light loop for attaching a dog safety light on top. This is one of the warmest coats on the list, offering great coverage and a performance fit so your dog has a wide range of motion while it’s on.

Ruffwear Overcoat Fuse

The Overcoat Fuse distills years of designing harnesses and apparel into a single harness-coat combo, giving dogs who typically layer gear a seamless solution for getting outside in cool weather and light precipitation. Attach a leash directly to the coat at either the back or the chest, and quickly access pick-up bags and small essentials in the two zippered pockets. With this rugged workhorse of a jacket, it’s a simple slip on, clip in, and go.

Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Coat

Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Coats are great for all types of outdoor adventures. Similar puffer style coats can be as much as double the cost, but we have found this brand to be well made and offer very similar features despite being significantly cheaper. The Puffer coat is made with a waterproof exterior, lined with thick fleece and filled with warm fiber insulation. Similar to the Alpine All-Weather brand in fit, the Puffer coat comes in a wide range of sizes to ensure a great fit for dogs big and small. We like the simple design that quickly slips over your dog’s head and secures with a quick snap of the adjustable buckle over the back. There are optional elastic hind leg bands that can be worn if desired to keep the coat secure during active play sessions.

Alpine All-Weather Coats

Alpine All-Weather Coats are designed to keep dogs of all sizes warm and dry in all weather conditions. They are made with a tough, waterproof outer polyester. The layers are designed with extra fiber fill for added warmth and protection. Finally, the interior is lined with a thick warm fleece. They come with adjustable straps, covered d-ring access hole (to connect a leash to an underlying harness), fur lined collar with neck cinch, and reflective night safety straps and trim. The price is excellent for a coat that rivals many high-end brands.

Ruffwear Vert Jacket

The Vert Jacket is a waterproof, windproof, breathable jacket designed for winter conditions. Inspired by mountain guides and dogs who work on the mountain, the Vert offers protection from the elements and cozy fleece lining for warmth during work and play. Leg loops can be used to keep the jacket in place during a tempest, while the leash portal allows the Vert to be worn over most harnesses. Fold up the over-sized storm collar for maximum weather protection.

Hurtta Summit Parka

The Summit Parka offers the most coverage and protection of the dog coats on this list. It is designed for extreme conditions where warmth and water-resistance is needed. You will notice in looking at the shape of the coat that it covers up the hind quarters a little more than some other coats. It tends to be a little bulkier fitting than some other coats on this list. The outer shell is made of a proprietary material called Houndtex® that offers excellent waterproofing. It is lined with thick, warm fleece for a cozy finish. One unique thing about this coat is in how adjustable it is. There are elastic adjusters in the neck and hind area that allow you to get the coat to conform to your dog’s body shape while ensuring the wind stays out. As with other coats, the Summit Parka has reflectors for low-light visibility and a leash pass-through opening on the top.

Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Dog Coat

The Cloud Chaser has a Waterproof, windproof, breathable three-layer soft-shell upper fabric that protects dogs from the elements. It is similar in fit to the Powder Hound, but differs in that the upper material is fully waterproof and it doesn’t have synthetic insulating material. This coat is meant to fit more snugly and maintain core body heat. This coat can be ideal for a full range of motion in deeper snow. The underside is similar to the Powder Hound and is made of the same stretch knit fabric, allowing for a full range of motion.

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