8 Best African Safaris In the U.S.

An African safari may be on most people’s travel bucket lists, but for wildlife viewings closer to home (and at a fraction of the cost), consider an American safari. Thanks to a handful of stateside safari parks, it’s possible to see zebras and giraffes roaming vast grasslands from an open-air vehicle. For something less structured, consider a self-guided drive through South Dakota to view buffalo, or just pick a prime spot in the Great Smoky Mountains to observe elk in their natural habitat.

1. Safari West.

Safari West

Although Sonoma is best known for its wineries, it’s also home to Safari West, a 400-acre wildlife reservation. The goal here is conservation and propagation, and animals such as cheetahs, gazelle, wildebeest, and giraffes are allowed to roam freely. Visitors might also spot lemurs and flamingoes while on safari in an open-air vehicle.

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