7 Top Picks For Snow Removal

The snow is going to fly and you want to have the best tools available to deal with it. Try these snow removal tools to tackle the task, whether you’re clearing snow from your car, taking care of a long driveway or clearing your roof.

1. Snow Joe

The 2-in-1 telescoping Jumbo Snow Broom from Snow Joe makes quick work out of the snow piled on the roof, hood, trunk, or windshield of your car. Its patented dual-purpose design features an oversized broom head on one end and a built-in XL ice scraper on the other, so you can quickly push heavy, wet snow off your car, then clear away the ice build-up on your windshield with just one tool.

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2. Greenworks 20-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

Greenworks  Corded Snow Thrower, 20-inch plowing width makes fast work of clearing your driveway and walks.

  • 13 Amp motor delivers powerful results for gas alternative
  • 20-inch clearing path and 10-inch clearing depth
  • Adjustable 180 degree directional chute makes snow throwing manageable
  • Discharge snow up to 20-feet with easy to maneuver directional crank
  • Easy electric start for hassle free operation
  • 7-inch wheels for greater mobility

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With SnowPeeler, snow removal on the roof has never been so easy, fast and safe. With its easy-to-assemble sectional pole handle and its tapered rectangular commercial-grade aluminum cutting blade, SnowPeeler allows you to clear snow from the roof 3 times faster than with a conventional snow rake. Its sharp blade slices through the snow and slides it from the roof by gravity onto the robust 20 ft. snow slide.

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 4. Summerstep Home: Snow Melting Heated Walkway Mat

Go ahead and give your snow shovel this winter season off. Powerblanket, a manufacturer in total temperature control solutions, now offers Summerstep Home heated door, stair, and walkway mats that use radiant heat to clear the path of ice and snow. Ideal for residential applications, Summerstep heated snow melting mats will change the way you approach winter snow accumulation at your home. Built of tacky anti-slip, durable rubber, this heated walkway mat adds traction while simultaneously melting any frozen precipitation that builds upon it. It runs on a standard home power supply (110/120V).

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5.  Goplus Rolling Snow Pusher

The rolling hand-push snow forklift is a great helper for you to deal with snow pileup blocking driveway and pavement. The special design allows you to push away snow to where is convenient for you and no need to duck down again and again bearing the overwhelming backache. The non-slip wheels make you clear up snow in this effective and effortlessly method safe and sound, even on a slippery and wet surface. Easy installed feature and tender EVA cover on handle improve your using experience more, offering you simple and pleasant way of snow removing.

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6. Scotts Ice Melt

Scotts Ice Melt boasts up to 4X the melting capacity of rock salt, so you use just what you need and nothing more — helping keep your lawns, landscapes and hardscapes protected from overuse of rock salt or other de-icers all winter.

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7. Greenworks Cordless Snow Shovel

GreenWorks GMAX 40Volt lithium ion battery powered snow shovels help you move a lot of snow in a short period of time.

  • 12 Inch Shoveling Width And Power To Throw Snow Out Of Your Way.
  • Best For For Snow Depth Up To 6″
  • For peak performance, use battery that is being stored at room temperature. The snow thrower may not properly start if the battery temperature is too cold.
  • If unit does not start, remove battery from snow thrower and allow it to warm indoors for 10 minutes or longer. Reinstall battery and try again

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