7 Things Homeowners Should Do Immediately To Save Money!

Here are 7 things to do immediately that will reduce the maintenance costs of your home over the long haul. You can read about them and click any of the links provided for more information.

1. Never Pay For Home Repairs Again

As a homeowner, you must always keep in mind is just a matter of time that one or more of your household appliances or systems will  breakdown and need to be fixed or repaired. This can be an unexpected cost of thousands of dollars and also leave you scrambling to find a technician or repairman.  Why not consider a home warranty plan to give  you the peace of mind to know that an unexpected breakdown will not break the household budget?

There are several times that plumbing, electrical work, fixing appliances or the HVAC system could cost you. Some technicians and contractors charge a service fee just to come to your home. Additionally, you have to pay them for repair and replace all out-of-pocket expenses. With a home warranty, you will get a comprehensive coverage that can be affordable to all. An annual plan will cost you anywhere between $300 to $600+ a year based on the company and the service request could cost you $50 to $125 per call. For starters, a $1200 repair on an air-conditioner could be sorted with just a $75 service call.

This being said, there are several home waranty providers to compare plans on.  It is important to get at least 3 quotes to get a feel for what one is right for you and also to make sure they offer coverage in your state. –We have taken the time to vet many different providers- Here are the top three recommendations




2. Install A Home Alarm System

How everyone protects their family has now become a real cause for concern as the day goes on. No one can be sure of not being a victim of home invasion in America anymore. These things have become very unpredictable, to say the least.

It is for this reason that it is very essential for everyone to use some form of home security. We all need some way of keeping the bad guys away and our lovely family safe inside the house. In that vain, I wonder… are you among the smart few who have a security system in your home?

If you answered no then Check out the two biggest names in the industry to find out which one covers your area.


3. Lower The Temperature on Your Water Heater Down To 120 Degrees Fahrenheit (55 Degrees Celsius)

A water heater is a device that is installed in your home to store and heat water. These generally run on either electricity or gas, depending on what type of fuel source is prevalent in your area. Both versions run similarly and come in sizes from twenty to over one hundred gallons. Before purchasing a new water heater, there are a few things that should be considered.

How much does turning down the temperature save you? Turning down the temperature 10 degrees Fahrenheit on your hot water heater saves 3 to 5 percent on energy costs, so a drop from 140 F to 120 F saves you 6 to 10 percent.

Annual energy costs for a hot water heater vary from $100 to $600, so this simple change could save you anywhere from $6 to $20 per year. It also keeps you from getting scalded if you accidentally turn up the hot water too much.

4. Reduce Your Electricity Bill With Solar Panels

Improving your home with a solar panel system is financially advantageous these days. The federal government, most states and even cities throw financial breaks at you to promote going solar. With the federal government, you are going to get a $2,000 tax credit, a figure that is subtracted from the amount of tax you owe the IRS at the end of the year. States pursue a variety of plans, but most offer rebates wherein they actually pay for part of your new system. Cities also offer rebates, often by discounting your property taxes.

On top of all of this, you can take advantage of net metering laws in a majority of states. Net metering simply means you can sell your solar electricity to the local utility when you aren’t using it. Known as being on the grid, nothing is more satisfying than watching your utility meter run BACKWARDS during the day! As you might imagine, this has a nice impact on your utility bill at the end of the month.

5.Negotiate A Better Mortgage Rate With HARP

If you are drowning in a pool of debt and looking for a way to swim back to shore, a refinance mortgage loan may just be the thing you need. Whatever situation you’re in, you can be sure that there is a type of mortgage loan to meet your specific needs. But before anything else, you must get acquainted with refinance mortgage loans.

Aside from the advantage of consolidating your debts, you also have to option to reduce your interest rate and shift your mortgage term or your loan program into one that will serve your current financial situation. If you want to pay off your debt in five years instead of ten, you can have your lender adjust your mortgage term while still giving you a reasonable rate. All you have to do is explain your situation to the lending agent – let him know what you want and what you need.

6. Save Money on New Windows

Imagine the home of your dreams. Is the old colonial style home that has historical significance but could use some updating? Perhaps it is the 1960s rambling ranch that gives you more single floor living space than you’ve ever dreamed of. If you have or would like to have an older home, chances are it could use some updating. One of the best ways to add value to your older home is by replacing the windows. Vinyl replacement windows are energy efficient, easy to clean, and add maintenance free beauty to any home.

7. Cut The Cord on Cable Forever

Millions of Americans are completely cutting the cord on their monthly cable costs, allowing them to save $100+ per month in unnecessary fees. Many of them are switching to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscriptions, but there are also other ways you can get cable channels without needing to pay a monthly fee. All your local news, weather, sitcoms, cooking shows, kid’s shows, sports and thousands of movies are available for free with a Digital antenna. In fact, most broadcast stations offer additional regional programming, absolutely free. The SmartView HDTV antenna simply attaches to your current TV’s antenna jack (all TV’s have them), and then you get to enjoy Free Broadcast TV. It supports 1080p HDTV and has up to 30 miles of range, so it’s nothing like the “rabbit ears” people used in the past. If you find you’re not watching as much television as you used to, this could be the perfect solution for you and can save you a lot of money every month.

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