7 Outdoor Activities For The Extreme

Ready to feel your pulse racing? From Volcano boarding to Fighter-Jet Flying.

1. Volcano Boarding.

pioneered by an Australian traveller in León, Nicaragua, volcano boarding is the art of zooming down the face of an active volcano on a reinforced plywood toboggan. Using your heels to brake and steer, it’s possible to clock speeds of up to 90km/hr. That’s after you’ve hiked up the volcano.

2. Zorbing.

A Kiwi invention, zorbing (also known as sphereing, orbing and globe-riding) is the act of rolling down a hill in a transparent plastic ball. Opt to zorb solo, with friends, and/or with water – all in the name of fun.

3. Cheese Rolling.

Originating in Gloucester, England, in the 15th century, this injury-prone activity sees participants charge down a steep hill in pursuit of a round of cheese. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

4. Bouldering.

© Corey Rich / Getty Images

Climbing has become so popular it will make its debut at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Bouldering, one of the climbing events you’ll see in the Olympic games, is when people climb to heights of 20ft or less without ropes or harnesses (safety mats are often used). Climb any higher without wearing safety equipment and you’re into the realm of free solo climbing.

5. Ice Swimming.

Northern Europeans have been partial to an icy dip between sauna sessions for centuries, but the more modern International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) deems an official ice swim as a one-mile swim in water below 5°C while wearing a standard swimming costume.

6. Coasteering.

Drawing on swimming, climbing, scrambling and diving, this activity requires participants to traverse the intertidal zone of a rocky coastline on foot or by swimming, without the aid of watercraft.

7. Fighter-Jet Flying.

Fighter jets, typically used in the military, are specifically designed to travel at high speeds and to handle aerobatic maneuvers like barrel rolls, spins and tailslides (flying the plane vertically upwards until losing momentum and falling backwards towards earth). Try flying with a highly trained fighter pilot (and even have a go on the controls yourself).

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