7 Non Traditional Ways To Start A Fire

Almost all survival situations, especially those that take place over a period of days or even weeks, call for building a fire. Even if a person ends up in an extremely hot environment, like a desert, their chances of survival will be a lot better with an access to flames and fire. It is easy to see why – a fire is a source of warmth, protection, cooking and disinfecting liquids, while it also provides a strong psychological boost. That is the reason why even since the dawn of time, humans have been gathering around fires and these signified their homes, no matter if they were in caves, cottages, or castles.

1. Aluminum Can.

Every regular aluminum created for holding beverages comes with a parabolic mirror. It is located at its bottom and it can be used to start a fire. For that, a person should gently polish the same area or the bottom spherical indentation until it attains a high polish finish. Once it is as reflective as a mirror, it should be placed in the sunlight and its focal point found – the parabolic mirror effect will be strongest about an inch from its deepest point. Here, a small flammable object should be placed, like a piece of dry cloth or some dried grass and it should catch flame. This happens as the aluminum mirror is converging sun’s rays onto one particular spot.