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7 Luxurious Camper Trailers For The Rugged Outdoors


The world today, is brimming with technology, making it quite difficult to avoid the assault of Alexa or Siri-enabled smart devices, 4K supported screens, plus the latest in apps. At points in time, you should take a holiday from the always-in-your-face feeling of the technological world, although you might not want to completely cut yourself off. If enjoying and exploring nature is what you are seeking, but still want to have some technology in your life for the comfy facilities that will make the experience of the outdoors more relaxing, then a camper trailer that is luxurious is the option for you.


Within a couple of minutes, the Sealander can be transformed from a house on the beach to a nice boathouse, meaning that your camping expedition can be taken from land to the lake without issue. This semiaquatic camper trailer is constructed from fiberglass, which is plastic that has been reinforced and connected to a structural skin in a seamless fashion, resulting in the material being robust yet very lightweight. The chassis of the camper trailer is manufactured completely of galvanize and it is very environmentally friendly, plus there are oil-encased hubcaps that produce a protecting sealant against the water and any rust damage. There is also a ladder that acts as an attachment for the grill that is built-in or as a protective railing, panoramic view windows that are tinted, two benches that have the capacity to seat six persons, and a folding roof.

Taxa Outdoors Mantis

This was designed for those extremely long hauls, with premium accessories, the Taxa Outdoors Mantis is excellent for those that are seeking the luxury outdoors. An integrated twelve-volt electrical system is standard in this luxurious camper trailer, in addition to a furnace, hot water system, birch plywood kitchen that has modular storing capacity and a combo two-burner stove, and a sink. What is more is a 6,000 BTU Air Conditioner, a huge eight-foot awning, a full-size bed, and a pop-up roof that is just awesome for some late-night stargazing. There is more than enough room to host a party for four in the Outdoor Mantis.

Safari Condo Alto F2114

This camper trailer will offer you the comfort of your own home as you travel off the beaten path while attempting to regain a connection with the outdoors. The Safari Condo Alto F2114 has on the interior a four-seater area for dining which then transforms into a Queen size bed, then two single beds that can be converted into a King size bed, a toilet that has the ability to flush, and a fully enclosed shower. The camper is completely manufactured from aluminum and composite materials, like water-resistant Alufiber, which pools together the durability of fiberglass and the lightweight features of aluminum. In addition, that camper trailer features a two-burner LPG stove that is flush-mounted, a three-way fridge, and a smoke detector, this way you are able to prepare exquisite meals while being amazed at the views of the wild.

Sylvansport Vast Camper Trailer

As of late, this is one of the most versatile camper trailers on the market. It features a lounge area that can be reconstructed to be converted into two-level twin queen-sized beds, which are motorized to be lowered from the ceiling. The beds can then be inserted back into the ceiling so that you can have access to the toilet and the dual function outdoor/indoor kitchen. Your kayaks also have their own built-in racks, dual propane tanks hideaway storage, and adequate space for mountain bikes. What is more, is that the camper trailer although fully functional is very lightweight and also possesses an easy open/close tailgate that is gas-assisted for loading and offloading.

Timberline Homegrown Trailer

If you prefer to have the very best blend of rugged capabilities and glamping amenities, then the Timberline Homegrown Trailer with the option of the Off-Grid package is just suited for you. This is a weather-ready camper trailer, it also features an indoor shower and a relatively huge kitchen, with is airtight insulated with wool. Up to five individuals can sleep in this camper, and also take their showers as the freshwater system has a twenty-three gallons’ capacity that feeds the shower and the skin. There is plenty of headroom for you and your guests to roam around freely.

Airstream Flying Cloud

This is Airstream’s most widespread and versatile travel camper trailer. The Flying Cloud is an indulgent camper trailer that comes standard with LED lighting, a 120W solar panel, Brandi cooking vent, electronic brakes, an imposing rear hatch that is mainly reserved for those trailers that are special edition, and a four-burner gas stove. For the convenience of the client, it also features an LG LED HD TV, Quietstream Climate Control, rearview monitoring, and USB and 110 volts charging outlets. In this model there are sixteen-floor plans to select from, each constructed for longevity.

Lume LT540 Travel

This is designed strictly for traveling in luxury, permitting you to experience the outdoors, while sleeping in the comfort of your own personal retreat that feels much better than a home in some cases. It is manufactured from aluminum and is insulated to the highest standard so that it can keep you and your guests cozy and warm, especially during the night. The Lume LT540 consists of an open roof that is constructed from Sunbrella fabric and a mosquito net. On the interior there are walls that have been upholstered with natural wool, black leather and flooring make from teak, all to complete the luxurious look and feel.