7 Lesser Known Animal Facts You’ll Want To Remember

The animal kingdom is always a source of fascination, inspiration, and exciting discoveries for us humans. Just this year, for example, scientists observed that parrots can be selfless, helping other parrots without any apparent gain. We also learned that it often takes a month for a sloth to digest a single leaf.

1. Bottlenose Dolphins.

Scientists who observed the feeding behavior of Bottlenose dolphins found that 99% of dolphins are right-handed, or right-flippered, to be precise.

2. African Grey Parrots.

African grey parrots are known for high intelligence, but these parrots also selflessly help other birds in their group to obtain food – the first proof of altruistic behavior in non-mammals.

3. Sloths.

Even the digestive system of sloths is “lazy” – the animals poop only once a week, and it can take them up to a month to digest one leaf completely.

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