7 Excellent Solar Power Banks For 2021


A packing necessity for the outdoor fanatics is the solar power packs, as they provide an option for mobile phones, cameras and various other gadgets to be charged when there is little to no access to electricity. They are also quite handy for the points in time when severe weather results in power surges causing widespread electrical outages. These portable, convenient gadgets have advanced into various different styles, however, the two main ones are roughly the size of a mobile phone and have either several expanding, folding panels or a single solar panel. Solar power banks that have one panel are much more compact, however, much slower to charge utilizing the energy from the sun. Several panels allow for the speeding up of the charging however, there are a bit bulkier. However, the fastest way to actually charge the devices is to plug them in using the USB into the customary source.

Qisa Solar Power Bank

The Qisa Solar Bank has a huge 30.000 mAh battery, making it one of the biggest power banks on the market still offering a realistic price tag. It is considered a heavy-duty charger and is excellent for those long camping trips. Additionally, this power bank has the capability to recharge numerous devices and the 200-lumen bright flashlight could definitely be invaluable during situations of emergency. Stress-free wireless charging is accessible to Qi-compatible electronics, and the added USB ports permit as many as four gadgets to be connected at the same time. As an IP66-rated device, the rainproof solar panel is able to resist moderate weather, but it should never be fully submerged.

Nekteck Solar Charger

As a compact solar power bank, the low-cost Nekteck is a great value that is packed with a relatively large 10,000 mAh battery capability and double USB ports for recharging simultaneous gadgets. Even though the majority of one-panel power banks require a long time to completely charge utilizing the solar panel, the Nekteck device uses a very proficient SunPower solar panel, therefore it charges quicker than those that are priced in a similar bracket. The other features of the device are LED flashlights, along with side grips and an anti-slip design. The Nekteck is rain-resistant and shock-proof, making it super for hiking and camping, even though it is not completely waterproof.

OUTXE W20 Wireless Solar Power Bank

This has been constructed with military-grade, durable material. It is considered excellent for kayakers, hikers, anglers, and various other outdoor buffs. Not only is the gadget rated IP67, which means that it can be left in as much as three feet of water for as long as thirty minutes, it also has the features of being shockproof and dustproof. The OUTXE W20 has a 20,000 mAH battery capacity, which is pretty nice to be able to charge an iPhone XS up to seven times or a Samsung Galaxy S10 five times before it requires recharging again. Another fantastic feature is that the charging could be completed wirelessly, even though there have added charging ports including micro USB and type C, allowing for as many as three devices at the same time.

Goal Zero Nomad 5 Solar Panel

Typically, the compact size of many of the single panel power banks are limited in the capability of the solar charging panel, however, the Goal Zero Nomad 5 is as powerful as it is portable. It provides a 5-watt solar panel that is rugged and lightweight and water-resistant, however, it is not waterproof. The simplistic design offers a kickstand to the back, which allows it to be directly angled towards the sun or there are attachments that allow the device to be hooked onto a backpack to be charged while on the move. The kit is outfitted with a Goal Zero Flip, which is a small battery pack with a USB port to allow for charging devices after sundown, but while the sun is up, the Nomad 5 has the ability to charge the Flip in only three hours, making it one of the quickest single panel chargers.

Feelle Solar Power Bank

The number of solar panels accessible to charge a gadget is increased with fold-out solar charges, however, their collapsible design gives them the ability to be portable. Despite that most fold-out panels could only recharge devices directly as the sun is out, the Feelle Solar Power Bank consist of a 25,000 mAh high-capacity battery which is capable of recharging an iPhone as much as ten times before needing to be recharged again. Collectively, the four solar panels supply 5 watts, while double USB ports provide for two gadgets to be charged simultaneously. The adequately priced Feelle consists of the LED light, weighs only about one pound, and water-resistant.

BLAVOR Solar Charger Five Panels Detachable

The BLAVOR is an exceptional choice if you require a versatile power bank that could be utilized during daily activities or while on outdoor adventures. All except one of the five panels can be detached, as a result, it does not have to be carried around if they are not required. A 20,000 mAH battery capacity features Qi wireless technology that can be used to charge devices that are compatible, additionally two USB ports, a built-in flashlight for wilderness outings, and a small compass. However, a disadvantage of the BLAVOR is that the connectors are not waterproof.

Rockpals 250W Portable Power Station

Many laptops devour between forty to seventy watts when charging, as compared to only two to six watts consumed by mobile phones or approximately ten watts for tablets. That means that you will require a more powerful power bank including a stronger and more expensive solar panel to consistently recharge it, therefore normal power banks would not be enough. The Rockpals 250-watts includes a 60-watt expandable solar panel case, made up of four panels, plus a multi-purpose power station loaded with a 648,000 mAh lithium battery for recharging numerous devices. With a collective weight of eleven pounds, the Rockpals station with the panel is a portable and convenient item that could transform any area into a portable, off-grid office.