7 Creative Ways To Use Dead Christmas Trees

Mother Nature has led to the existing life on earth and it is our duty to protect what is true and pure in the natural environment. The first thing we need to do is minimize wastage. Minimum wastage will help us to make sustainable developments in the future. That should be our aim and we should help others realize similar ambitions.

1. Use It As A Mulch

They can be used for composting and providing quite a bit of insulation for your garden. You can make amazing mulch out of the trees as well. If there isn’t a council who can help you with it then simply gather a few neighbors and hire a mulcher. Then all of you can have great mulch which can easily be stored away for later use.


2. Real Wreath

Just because the festivities are over doesn’t mean that you have to throw away everything that has been used. You can use the Christmas tree branches, a few wires and Christmas flowers to make beautiful wreaths out of them. Not only will they decorate your home, but can also serve as late or maybe extra Christmas gifts for your neighbors or the near and dear ones.


3. Fragrance Oil

What do we talk about when the festive season arrives? We say that the smell of Christmas is in the air. Why not keep it that way for an extra month. It is very easy to make pine-scented room fragrance with the leftover tree that will give the feel of Christmas  for the entire month of January.


4. Christmas Tree Tea

Christmas trees are not just for decorations or aroma, but can also serve as a source of refreshing beverages. Tree tea is something you can make to energize your mornings. Gather a bunch of fresh green needles. They should the youngest ones you can find. Remove any brown parts present on the needles and chop the rest. Then put them in a pot and pour the boiling water over.


5. Christmas Tree Coasters Or Trivets

Another way to make the used tree even more useful is by using a handsaw. All you have to do is cut a few slices of the tree truck, smoothing them with a sand paper, coat them with polyurethane and you will have your own set of drink coasters and plate trivets. You can also make decorative items and Christmas tree ornaments out of the slices of wood by using glitters, beads and markers.


6. Wildlife Preserved

Preservation of wildlife is of utmost importance in the present day scenario. These used Christmas trees and Christmas flowers can serve as good food for the wild animals. You don’t have to feed them directly. You can try donating them to the local zoo, the ones that treat their animals to a few delicious Christmas lunches and dinners.


7. Create A Bird Sanctuary

You can make a lovely bird sanctuary out of the used trees. The process is very simple and extremely effective. Just take the Christmas tree outside while it is still in its stand and hang filled bird feeders from the branches. If that doesn’t work, you can also drape the tree with peanut butter coated pine cones.

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