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7 Budget Friendly Outdoor Activities For Fall

Fall is the best time of year to get outside and enjoy the fresh air before winter’s chill numbs your fingers. It’s a great time to get your kids some exercise and make memories that will last a lifetime. The good news is that budget-friendly activities are as plentiful as apples in the fall. Let’s take a look at what you can do to get your family outside without breaking the bank.

1. Visit A U-Pick Farm.

Taking your family to a U-Pick farm can make lasting memories. There’s something undeniably soul-stirring about walking through a sunlit orchard, heady with the scent of apples, harvesting your food. Your kids will have a blast, and they just might remember it for the rest of their lives. Visiting a U-Pick farm can also help get your kids excited about eating fresh, local foods. After all, it’s one thing to buy a pear at the grocery store, but when your kids go out and pick that pear themselves, they’re far more likely to eat it.


2. Take A Road Trip.

One of the most popular and scenic ways to take in the stunning fall colors is to cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway, which winds through the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. The Parkway is 469 miles long and within a six-hour drive of major cities including Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Knoxville, Roanoke, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C. In addition to magnificent open views, the Parkway offers plenty of stunning waterfalls, pristine lakes, meadows dotted with deer and caribou, mountain biking and hiking trails, Appalachian craft centers, and music festivals.


3. Run A 5K, 10K, Or Marathon.

Fall is a great time to get in shape for a challenging race because it’s far easier to run in colder weather. You’re also more likely to stay in shape over the winter season and keep off those holiday pounds if you establish a fitness routine in the fall. Most cities schedule several fall races because they’re so popular.


4. Plant Spring Bulbs.

If you had a garden this summer, you’re probably ready to be done with planting. However, it’s easy to plant a few bulbs for spring, and when March comes and you see those tiny points of life growing out of the ground, you’ll be glad you did. Plus, planting bulbs is a fun way to be outside and enjoy the crisp fall afternoons. You can start planting bulbs as soon as evening temperatures are between 40 and 50 degrees, or six to eight weeks before the ground freezes.


5. Go Tailgating.

Tailgating is a uniquely American phenomenon that you should experience in the fall. Other sports, such as hockey and baseball, don’t have as strong a tailgating culture as football does. Whether you’re a fan of college or professional football, tailgating is worth trying at least once this fall.


6. Volunteer.

Many seniors don’t have family nearby to help with household chores, so your family can help by volunteering time with these seniors, or your own elderly parents, to help with fall chores. You might already know someone in your neighborhood that could use a helping hand.


7. Head To The Beach.

Many people don’t think of the beach when fall arrives. However, fall is a great time to visit the ocean because the summer crowds are gone, overnight accommodations and restaurants are usually cheaper by 25% or more, and the temperatures are no longer sweltering. Another bonus is that fall storms frequently dredge up long-buried treasures like sea glass, which are easier to find when you’re the only person on the beach.

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