7 Best Winter Gloves And Mittens


Gloves for some reason do not receive as much consideration as all the other winter apparel. However, gloves provide priceless protection and heat at the point when the temperature drops. The picks for the ultimate winter gloves, including mittens, in this article range from functional pieces for daily use and work to high-performance varieties for extreme environments. Some of which walk the line between the two categories. The gloves in general are suitable for both genders and are available in various sizes.

Smartwool Ridge Glove

A lot of gloves designed for winter are manufactured for particular reasons in mind, whether it is for skiing, casual use around the house, or outdoor work. The Smartwool Ridgeway glove, with its comfortable merino insulation, a great fit, and a rugged leather exterior, distorts the lines much better than most. Understated branding and stylish looks make it a very widespread option for urban use, however, the glove is adequately durable and warm for the once in a while day on the slopes. What is more, is that the Smartwool has a strengthened index finger and thumb for durability while completing light work tasks. The downside to this glove is that is not as durable or as tough as a true work glove, as with others on the list and the dexterity in the fingers seems to be lacking a bit along with the diminished water and windproofing.

Black Diamond Mercury Mitt

Check the Black Diamond Mercury Mitt for the definitive mitten in winter warmth. Simply stated this is the mitten that was intended to ensure that your hands remain warm during some of the coldest regions on the planet and it lives up to the reputation it has. The mitt is designed with a thick PrimaLoft Gold insulation throughout the entire mitten and a convenient removable inner liner that make the mitten much more bearable in less than Arctic environments and also allows it to dry much faster. It also has a split-finger design on the interior that allows the index finger to freely roam for much better movement.

Hestra Fall Line

The Swedish company that has the responsibility of manufacturing these gloves has a rich history of craftsmanship, and this Hestra Fall Line is no exception. The all over leather glove has all the correct essentials, well put together, very comfortable, and durable. Furthermore, and vitally important it is very versatile, with adequate cushioning and insulation to the back of the glove, to make it suitable for any winter sports. The glove also has the dexterity to be used while shoveling, taking a casual walk around, or driving. The greatest disadvantage of the Hestra Fall Line glove is the cost, on average a pair sells for $165.00. Although the feel of the glove is exceptional and the quality is above par, this is still quite an investment into a pair of gloves that you probably would not have on during the coldest days of winter. There are also not completely waterproof, sometimes allowing for water to absorb up into the glove.

Kinco 901 Heavy Duty Pigskin Driver Glove

A great winter glove needs to be more than just a good glove, it has to be warm, dexterous, and durable, and all this can be found in the Kinco line, ranging from fishing to ranching to construction and even equipment operation. The Kinco features a thermal liner for insulation, reinforced pigskin leather, and topped with a superb quality knit wrist to allow the heat to be sealed in. What more can you ask for, but that the price is affordable and it is, as this one shows $27.00. You should apply a waterproofing wax to the glove if the plan is to remain outside during wet conditions.

Carhartt WB Glove

Another very popular winter glove suitable for hunting. It still is used for casual day to day activities as the glove is relatively soft and moves very easily. The Carhartt carries features such as nose wipe, waterproof membrane, and reinforced palm, it fits and is a serviceable choice for those mild days while skiing those slopes. The average price for this is around #36.00. The major pitfall of this glove is that when the temperature falls lower than freezing the glove does not stand the test of time. The inexpensive layer of synthetic insulation is not adequate to continue keeping your hand tired. It also does not look at good and some of the other brands or is it as versatile.

Outdoor Research Stormtracker Sensor Gloves

This glove can do anything from winter walks and freezing mornings in the vehicle to bike commuting, belay duty, or even some mild days on the skin track. The dexterity and protection on this glove are above par and the Gore-Tex Infinium membrane and Windstopper Technology are superior add-ons. When compared to some of the other gloves on the market, the Stormtracker gives more for your buck, with better dexterity and waterproofing.

Dakine Titan Gore-Tex

With an awesome reputation among the snowboarders and skiers, this glove is well rounded for anything. Due to the Gore-Tex insert, the Dakine offers reliable wet-weather coverage and that palm grip allows you to do anything from shoveling the sidewalks to hauling sleds. The style of these gloves has also allowed the glove to be worn nicely just around town. What is more, is that there is a removable fleece liner that is also touchscreen compatible and is also suitable to be worn while running in the winter air. It has thick insulation so it feels more like a ski glove than an everyday one. The dexterity is not the best as the removable liner hinders the fine motor skills such as handling car keys etc.