7 Awesome Things To Do In The Desert

Scorching days, freezing nights, precious little water and dangerous reptiles for company. It’s no surprise that deserts are among the most daunting places on Earth. Some may think they’re best avoided. But for the rest of us, these arid wildernesses can make for the ultimate travel playground.

1. Horseback Riding

Namib Desert, Namibia – Galloping through the world’s oldest desert region is certainly not for travelers with weak hearts or thighs. If remote landscapes are your thing, however, a bit of man-beast bonding in the Namib Desert should fill your Instagram feed for a month. Rides can take you through the bush savannah and the Hakos Mountains, passing canyons, coastlines and oases and ending up at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean at Swakopmund. Along the way you’ll see wildlife in its natural environment: mountain zebra, oryx, ostrich, springbok and maybe even desert warthogs.

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