7 Adventures to Go on With Your Dog

If you are a travel and adventure junkie but have a furry friend at home, we know how hard it can be every time you have to walk out of the door and see their face as you leave them behind on yet another trip. 

Instead of leaving your best friend behind, try taking him on a trip that you both will enjoy! Here are some outdoor adventures you can go on with your dog so you can have your canine companion by your side while doing the things you love:


1. Chain and Doelle Lakes, Washington

Chain and Doelle Lakes are a must see for hikers and their canine friends


If you are looking for solitude and beautiful scenery on your next adventure, this is the place for you. Hike through the Pacific Crest Trail with your pooch to the lakes to witness the unmatched beauty of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  Hike south on the Pacific Crest Trail from Stevens Pass to the Icicle Creek Trail and above to the collection of remarkable alpine lakes beneath the rocky peaks of Bulls Tooth.


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