6 Ways To Bring The Outside Inside

The easiest way to bring the outdoors into a home is, of course, vases of flowers and potted plants. After all, there is nothing more lovely. But when it comes to home decorating I think it’s best to remember there are no rules. Especially in the middle of summer when everything outside is blooming and lush…why not bring a bunch of that outside feeling inside in new ways.

1. Sculptural Branches.

Take advantage of the wonderful, abstract shape of branches by using them in inventive ways inside your house. Ever bonded with a walking stick while on a hike? This would be a lovely way to commemorate that special walk in the woods.


2. Flowering Bush Gatherings.

Bring the beauty of a flowering lavender or butterfly bush inside by creating a gathering of cuttings in small glass jars. These were used at a wedding but would be equally stunning on a table inside your house.


3. Branch Wall Hooks.

A little white paint and stunning pops of unexpected color-blocking turn an ordinary branch into a artistic hook. Another one for the perfectly angular stick picked up out in the woods.


4. Clean The Air With Houseplants.

Purify the air in your home with some of the houseplants that do it best. Indoor air has been found to be ten times more polluted than outdoor air. Furniture and cleaning products emit chemicals such as formaldehyde and if the air remains stagnant they can linger. Plants such as the peace lily, spider plant, garden mum, the boston fern, dracaena, ficus tree, snake plant, aloe vera, and the bamboo palm all will naturally clean the air and let you breath easy.


5. Botanist Art.

Press flat any plant cuttings or flowers that catch your eye, once they are dry you can press them between glass for permanent exhibit on your wall and show off your inner botanist.


6. Living Bath Mat.

This moss-covered bath mat stays moist due to the steam in a shower and feels great underfoot in the morning.

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