6 Unconventional Outdoor Activities For Summer

6 Unconventional Outdoor Activities For Summer

Summer is all about those outdoor activities. We want to get out there and enjoy that glorious sunshine while we can, but we also want to be creative about it! Here are some fun summer activities that you may not have thought of that will turn your summer into an even more exciting adventure.

1. Hot-Air Balloon Ride.

For anyone who’s ever fantasized about going around the world in 80 days, there’s hot-air ballooning. As it turns out, there are Hot Air Balloon Festivals all over the world in summer. A quick search and a little planning, and you could take to the skies.

2. Geocache.

Geocaching is a fun way to mix GPS technology, treasure hunts, and the great outdoors, not to mention make some friends. Geocaching is an activity where you use GPS to hide and find containers all around the world — containers that often contain trinkets and treasures. After you’ve found the geocache, you can leave something there in the box, take something, or leave it as it is. But you have to leave the geocache for the next person to find.


3. Roller Coaster Tour Of America.

You can decide to take on America — one roller coaster at a time. Most people have always wanted to do this, and summertime is the best opportunity. Start in Disney World, of course.

4. Kayaking.

Kayaking is a fun way to get back in touch with nature and learn a new skill. It’s exciting to be paddling a boat by yourself, and if you take a guided tour, you don’t have to worry much about getting stuck or too tired. Plus, the tour guide often points out amazing geographical features or wildlife around your route.


5. Wine Tasting At A Vineyard.

If you’re into more relaxing activities, a wine tasting is perfect. Often, small vineyards that offer affordable wine tastings are family owned, and are very passionate about the craft. You can take a tour of the vineyard (with real grapes!), see a demonstration of the wine-making process, and most important, drink that wine.

6. Volunteer On A Farm.

Volunteering on a farm, especially if you’re a city gal, can be a great way to learn where your food comes from, and what kind of care and work goes into the food we eat. It can also be a great way to do something weird you may never have done before, like milking a cow.


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