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6 Survival Items That Should Be Kept In Your Car’s Glove Compartment

Every single driver needs to have an emergency kit for the trunk of the car, and smart preppers also keep a Bug Out Bag in their vehicle trunk. There are dozens of situations where you might not be able to get to the items in your trunk and for these reasons, you should have these survival items in your car’s glove compartment.

1. Flashlight

It is dark, you are on a deserted back road, and your car stalls on you. Don’t go outside without turning on a flashlight first. The last thing you want is to add a sprained ankle to the problem! Headlamps are awesome because they give you light while freeing up your hands. Even in non-emergency situations this is a big help.

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2. First Aid Kit


Keep a complete first aid kit in the trunk as well as a mini version in the glove compartment. The main item here is heavy sterile gauze in case someone sustains arterial bleeding which needs to be controlled right away.

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3. Gloves

This is a survival item that a lot of people forget about. In accidents and other emergency situations, there is often a lot of glass, debris, and maybe even fire around. Opt for heavy-duty work gloves or get a pair of cut-resistant gloves.

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4. Seat Belt Cutter

You can keep one on your key chain, but have an extra one in your glove box too. Not being able to escape a vehicle because of a caught seat belt is a very-real problem! Also not being able to break the window, so this item incorporates a window breaker as well.
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5. Multi-Tool

If it was one tool that you should always have if you had to rush out of your car quickly and could only grab one item, it would be the multi-tool. With the knives, screwdrivers, scissors, and other tools on it, it could greatly increase your chances of surviving any SHTF situation.

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6. Poncho

What good is a raincoat in your trunk if you get all wet while going out to get it? Wet = Cold = Death. Seriously, staying dry is important so make sure you’ve got a poncho in your glove compartment in addition to the change of clothes and rain jacket you should have in your trunk emergency car kit.
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