6 Strategies For Hunting Whitetail During Winter

Winter can be both a difficult and, sometimes even, frustrating time for us hunters. Deer movement begins to change drastically, the conditions begin to seem unbearable, and suddenly, that big buck on your trail camera is no where to be found. Nevertheless, don’t give up. Not only is this time of year changing your hunting patterns, but it is also changing the whitetails daily patterns as well.

1. Understand Your Winter Food Sources

In the winter, a lot about our precious, whitetails “home” has changed. Leaves have fallen, crops have been harvested, and overall, their home is completely different. Therefore, their feeding efforts have to be vastly different as well. Yes, this does vary based on location of where you are hunting, but more times than not, a whitetail is going to alter what their food source is and change the times of day they are feeding. Deer are not going to trail as much as they would have during early season because they would be burning energy reserves for no reason. Therefore, concentrate on areas that have good bedding coverage and winter food sources available.

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