6 Smallest Countries Across The Globe

Countries across the world can be measured in both size and population. For example, Russia is the largest country in the world by area, covering a whopping 17.1 million square kilometers (km2) (approximately 6.6 million square miles(mi2)) but is only 9th in population. China, on the other hand, is significantly smaller than Russia (but still very large), yet is home to 1.4 billion people, the highest population in the world. There are over 200 countries across the globe and they come in many different sizes. Each country has its own independence, autonomy, and uniqueness, and for many, a diminutive size that can be an advantage.

6. Liechtenstein
62 mi² (160 km²)

This landlocked micro-state (not to be confused with micro-nations) is found in the Alps, between Switzerland and Austria. With a population of about 36,000, which is less than that of any given city in the United States, this country remained neutral during both World Wars. It even abolished its army in 1868, 62 years after becoming an independent state. It also has the highest recorded GDP per person in the world and is the 4th smallest country in Europe.

5. San Marino
23.5 mi²(61 km²)

Located in the Italian Peninsula, this is another landlocked country and is home to about 32,000 inhabitants only. Having been founded in the 4th century, it is among the oldest states in Europe and is located on Mt. Titano, in the central northern part of Italy. Its location makes this country largely mountainous, having its highest point of elevation at 2,477 feet. Again, this small nation leads the world in GDP.

4. Tuvalu
10 mi² (26 km²)

A small Polynesian country with only approximately 12,000 to 10,000 residents, made up of 9 islands. Its largest city, Funafuti island, is also the capital of the country and a popular tourist destination. This country is surrounded by waters padded with corals but has no source of drinkable groundwater like rivers or streams. So the water supply for this country is kept in storage facilities.

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