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6 Proven Tips To Fight “Cabin Fever”


Can’t remember what day it is anymore? Doesn’t matter if you’re having fun! There’s a reason “cabin fever” is the name of a popular horror movie: Being trapped inside with a virus stalking you outside sounds like a nightmare! But it doesn’t have to be. Although “cabin fever” is a real feeling—causing “irritability, restlessness, boredom, excessive sleepiness, and a feeling of dissatisfaction,” according to Dan Seitz from Psychology Today—it’s not a death sentence.


1. Finally Finish That Home Improvement Project



If you’re not maximizing your at-home time and productivity is waning, it’s easy to fall into the dark hole of cabin fever. So why not make the cabin better!?! If you tackle a home improvement project that’s been on your to-do list for ages, you’ll feel accomplished and like you’re making the best of a bad situation.


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