6 Most Likely Disasters To Prepare For In The US

Disaster preparation should be considered a duty to yourself, your family, and your community (do you really want to be a burden on your community when they have to come rescue you, or do you want to be part of the rescue response team?). Nobody wants disasters to happen, and most would prefer not to think about them. But ignoring a threat does not make it go away!

1. Earthquake.

If you live in California, then you know that the “Big One” could occur at any moment. But it isn’t just Californians who are at risk of disaster from an earthquake. A USGS map shows that HALF of Americans living in the continental USA are at risk of damages from earthquakes (the number is even higher when you calculate in earthquake-prone Alaska and Hawaii). That means 143 million people are at risk!

2. Solar Flare.

A solar flare is an explosion on the sun. The explosion releases clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms into space. The surge of energetic particles can cause radiation and solar wind storms. Even more worrisome is that the solar flare can trigger geomagnetic storms and EMP which would wipe out the electric grid.

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