6 Home-Decor Pieces To Inspire Your Next Outdoor Experience

Returning home from your adventures can be a bittersweet pill to swallow. Home is so many things, but for many adventurers, it’s where you decompress from one experience and begin planning for another. Coming home from a trip has always been one of the hardest parts of travel. Filling your home with travel-inspired items and relics of past adventures is one way to make it feel more like the road. For those periods of staying put between trips, these six decor items will help you fill wherever you call home with the spirit of adventure.

1. Atelier688’s Aviator Map Cushions

Atelier688’s Aviator Map Cushions are made from silk and feature vintage maps to inspire dreams of travels.


2. Keno Map Rug

You can walk the earth or at least the Western Hemisphere from the comfort of your living room with this Keno Map Rug.


3. Tapestry From Locust 4040

An homage to the sea explorers of the past, this tapestry from Locust 4040, comes printed with a colorful map of the world’s ocean currents. The versatile item can be used as wall art, bedding or a blanket.


4. Steamer Trunks Desk

On this desk, you’ll pen the next great adventure memoir. Inspired by the steamer trunks of a bygone era, it’s stately … albeit pricey.


5. California-Shaped Table Set

This California-shaped series of tables from J. Rusten Furniture Studio includes three individually-sold items, either a desk or small and medium coffee table.


6. Vintage Map Lampshade

Light up your world with this handmade vintage map lampshade by Rosie’s Vintage Lampshades and other versions depict travel baggage labels and French postcards.

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