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6 Historic Survival Skills You Should Know

Technology is great, and all, but you can’t beat the basics. Pioneers, frontiersmen, long hunters, and mountain men were not fictitious characters of stories and film. These were our real-life ancestors, and they lived by their own means by performing real-life skills. In the wild places of today, it certainly makes sense to carry high-tech gizmos and the latest survival gear on your outdoor adventures, but it’s not a bad idea to learn some traditional skills as a back-up.

1. Build A Trapline

Trapping was a common means for American mountain men to collect valuable furs and feed themselves at the same time. Traps can be purchased or hand built today, just as they once were. Traps should be de-scented to remove human scent and the proper baits should be selected to attract your target species. Once you are ready to set out your traps, it’s time to create a trap line. This is typically arranged as a circuit that you can walk, to visit your traps and to collect your game. Depending on the animals you are trapping, this line may run down a creek, up a ravine, along a cliff base, or beside some other natural feature which funnels the animals into a smaller area.

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