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6 High-Tech Shoes That Break The Running Limits

Whether you run casually or professionally, these running shoes will increase your performance. Choosing the best running shoes is not just about comfort since it can affect your performance greatly. Whether you’re racing with your competitors or running a marathon, shoes are the most important aspect of running. They can increase your performance and energy.

1. Adidas Springblade

This is a futuristic-looking running shoe that breaks the limits. Adidas claims that Springblade features 16 blades that react to any environment. They compress and release energy to create an efficient push-off that will make you feel like you have springs under your feet. It’s suitable for professional and casual runners.


2. Saucony Type A9

If you want an energy-boost, Saucony Type A9 is an excellent choice. They are very fast and provide the best running experience for the races. They can be used for both daily training and marathon distances.


3. Nike Air VaporMax

If you’re looking for a lightweight shoe for long or mid-distance running, Nike Air VaporMax is built for it. Nike aims to provide a unique running experience for runners. With extra cushioning, it’s one of the best running shoes for racing on the market. It supports your feet and makes you faster than the others.


4. Mizuno Wave Rider 23

The new plastic wave plate on the Rider 23 provides extra support while running. U4icX foam in the heels makes the running shoe soft and comfortable. It is also durable and has a breathable design. Therefore, it can be used as an everyday shoe by the people who’re just looking for a well-designed and comfortable shoe.


5. New Balance Rebel V1

New Balance Rebel is designed to ensure speed. It’s built for the runners who run for long-miles. The FuelCell material makes you run faster. Despite its aggressive look, it’s actually soft as a cloud.


6. HOKA ONE Challenger ATR 4

This is not just a running shoe, but also a great hiking shoe by HOKA ONE. It’s known for its breathable mesh upper. It’s designed for trails, rock surfaces, and long-running sessions. They might look huge, but they’re surprisingly light-weight. Also, they prevent overheating.

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