6 Hidden Natural Marvels In The United States

It will hardly come as a surprise to any of you that the United States is full of impressive natural marvels, as the fame of places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, and many other famous sights spans internationally. Still, the very abundance of stunning natural wonders in the US let’s quite a few noteworthy places slip between the cracks, which is a real pity, as some of these places are by no means inferior to the more famous natural sights.

1. Thor’s Well

This enormous, seemingly bottomless sinkhole is one of the most spectacular and simultaneously dangerous sights you could encounter in Oregon. Thor’s Well, as the pit is known, swallows enormous quantities of seawater when the tide starts to rise, attracting all the objects that surround it with great force and speed. Despite being quite a risky endeavor, Thor’s Well is a magnificent and unique phenomenon that attracts countless photographers and visitors on a daily basis.

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