6 Fun Things To Do In The Rain Outside

If you are looking for some fun things to do in the rain outside because not all people believe that they need to be cooped up inside or want to be, especially your children. They don’t want to feel that the only things they have to do all day when it rains are to watch movies, play video games, board games or read a book or two. They want to go outside and have a little fun in the rain where they can explore with water, mud and other things nature has to offer them.

1. Catch Rain Drops On Your Tongue.

The next natural thing for many people to do in the rain outside is to see how many raindrops they can catch on their tongue. To make this even more fun, you could try catching raindrops on your nose, your hands or only your fingertips.

2. Dam A Stream.

Get some tips from a beaver and use twigs, branches and rocks to dam a stream. You can also try all sorts of designs, but you’ll need to work quickly to stop your dam getting washed away. And when you’ve built it, local wildlife will be happier if you remember to knock it down afterwards.

3. Explore A Cave.

Watery wildlife, slimy green weeds, or things that make noises in the dark – who knows what you’ll discover? Caves are perfect places to explore whatever the weather, whether you’re looking for caves in sea cliffs, or impressive natural caves inland. Don’t forget your torch!

4. Rain Art.

Sheets of paper and sprinkles of powdered tempera paint. Drops of food coloring also work for this activity. Carefully carry the papers out into the rain. The raindrops mix with the powdered tempera paint or food coloring to make one-of-a-kind pictures. This activity works best with a lighter rain so the paper doesn’t get too saturated.

5. Backyard Water Park.

Many water parks feature water sprinkling down from above. A rainy day offers you a similar setting right in your backyard. The rain turns a backyard slide into a water slide. Add a kiddie pool at the bottom to make it feel more like a water slide. Sprinklers set up in the backyard offer additional water park features.

6. Mud Pies.

A rainy day offers a large supply of mud already mixed for mud pie creations. Grab a few pie plates and head outdoors to let the kids create. Another option is to use muffin tins to make mud muffins or a cake pan to make a mud cake. Rocks, leaves, pinecones and other natural items can garnish the mud pies.

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