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6 Dog Breeds That Are Known To Turn On Their Owners


Although dogs are considered to be the most loyal and wonderful pets, they can be very dangerous, and once you begin to tell dog owners that their beloved pet can be a danger to others and themselves, this can ignite some rage. Under the right conditions or wrong conditions for this matter, every dog has the propensity to attack anyone, including their owner. However, there are some breeds of dogs that are considered more dangerous than others. It can be so bad that some insurance companies will not provide homeowners insurance coverage if there are some of the breeds listed in this article present in the home. Dog lovers should first understand the nature of the breed that they want to bring into their home and around their family. While it is indeed true that they have grown to be one of the members of the family, it cannot be denied that many of these dogs can attack their caretakers.

American Pit Bull Terrier

This breed of dog has been in the headlines on numerous occasions for attacking individuals, including their owners. The temperament of this breed is an aggressive one and it is comparable with its strength. This could be due to the fact that traditionally they were bred to be fighting dogs and to this day, although dogfighting has been banned and is illegal, many of the dogs in this breed still display the fighting dog traits. The genetic make-up of the American Pit Bull Terrier is very fierce, as they were also used to bait bears and bulls. Historically, Pit Bulls are known to attack adults, children, and the elderly, practically anyone that they may presume as a threat or gets in their way, or normally if they are startled or provoked. The Pit Bull is the leader in the dog kingdom for human fatalities and this is one of the reasons that this breed is among the list that insurers are not willing to cover.

German Shepherd

This is a favorite breed for military and police units, as it is for other professions that require the use of a canine task force. These are very intelligent dogs and this breed is well known for it. The nature of this breed is also aggressive, and they are self-assured dogs, that are very protective of their caretakers. It has been reported that German Shepherds that have not been socialized properly have attacked and even kill humans. Statistics on this breed reveals that it is among the top five breeds that will attack and bite. Although the German Shepherd is an extraordinary dog in terms of intelligence and alertness and can be trained as a working dog for the military and police etc. does not mean that it is suitable to be a family pet. The energy and fun-loving characteristics of this breed can easily translate into aggression and excitability depending on the type of situation.


The Rottweiler is commonly used as a guard dog or at times a police dog. This breed dates back as far as the Roman Empire and has traditionally been bred as a herding dog. The strength and the aggression of this breed are what make them so dangerous even for the family that calls them their pet. Although this breed of dog is very lovable and obedient, it has still been reported to have caused fatalities. Experts in dog breeds recommend that owners of this breed seek professional assistance in training them as the strength of the dog is a definite risk, especially for children. If you choose this breed for ownership, be very alert as it relates to the temperament of the dog. Around seventy-five percent of all dog bites can be credited to the Rottweiler and the Pit Bull. When it comes to this breed, potential owners should consult with their insurance regarding if they will be covered as many of them will not.

Doberman Pinscher

Yes, this breed looks like it would be right at home, guarding your property, simply because of how it looks, however, the scary looks of this dog is not the only feature that you should be concerned about. Bred in Germany to be an intimidating looking dog, it remains one of the breeds that has consistently looked the same way over decades, especially with its cropped ears. Owners of this breed have referred to it as a very ferocious dog, to say the least. The strength and the bite from the Doberman Pinscher are what makes this breed such a concern, however, it is reported that this breed would more than likely bite another dog before it would a human, but there is evidence that they have and killed humans in the past. Again it is a good idea to check with your home owner’s insurance on this one.

Wolf-Dog Hybrid

This breed of mixed dog is very difficult to predict and to train, it is as controversial as the wild wolf, displaying many of the traits of its wolf side ancestry. The Wolf-Dog has been considered to have the potential to cause severe harm and due to this, not many insurers will be showing any favor towards them. The major concern here is that removing just one generation from the wild wolf is not adequate to fully breed out the dangerous elements and aggression of this animal. As majestic as the wolf is, it is still a survivor and will exploit all of its power in order to survive and to overcome anything that comes up against it. What is more is that if the wolf is bred with another dog breed that already has the aggressive traits, the combination could be very dangerous and unstable.


The sheer size of this breed is what more often than not causes concern, particularly around children. They were traditionally bred to guard large estates in England and have been reported to attack their caretakers as well as their families. Although these dogs can be trained, it only takes one poorly socialized, untrained dog to make an unfortunate mistake and accidentally attack children that they might have mistaken as being aggressive while they were roughhousing. The size of this dog can also unintentionally through its weight around and cause serious hurt to someone.