6 Dangerous And Fun Adventure Trips

Would you like to challenge yourself and make something that you would never forget? Adventure holiday could be the answer. Everything depends on how far would you like to push yourself. In any case, being on the move and experiencing new things is already a huge leap forward.


1. Horseback Riding In Molokai, Hawaii

The island also features impressive sea cliffs, that at 520 m (1700 ft) tall are the highest ones in the world! Riding along these cliffs provide an unforgettable experience. Mule as well as horseback riding tours are offered by the travel agencies on this stunning island. The 5 km (3 mi) long trail features amazing panoramic views to the whole island and ocean, ascending and descending twists and turns, that of course feature balancing on the precipitous cliffs.

Why go?

The tour is definitely not for the faint-hearted! However, a fun riding experience provides wonderful views to the unspoiled Hawaiian landscape. Various tours from 2 to 7 hours are available.

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