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6 Bushcraft Skills For Wilderness Lovers To Master

There is nothing like going into the wilderness with nothing but a few basic supplies and your own wits. There’s recently been a huge surge in people learning bushcraft skills. Bushcraft is a way to enjoy nature without feeling pressure that there is a “right” or a “wrong” way of doing it. If you are doing it wrong, you’ll know it when you have to head home early because you are freezing and starving!

1. Featherstick.

Fire is essential for survival in the wilderness. You need fire to: Boil water for purifying water, Cooking food, Staying warm, Warding away animals. Making a featherstick is a great way to get a fire going – especially if you are trying to make a fire in wet conditions. Making feathersticks is actually pretty fun and fairly-mindless. So you can do while sitting around camp.

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