6 Black Friday Shopping Tips For 2020


Many of us wait for this one day all year round, the Black Friday discounts shopping season heads spin for the potential of scoring it big with the best deals on a new printer, smartphone, television, or the newest technology advanced gadget. However, as all of us know, this year has offered up some interesting challenges, with substantial shortfalls in some of the product categories, of course, we mean laptop computers, there has been a very vague direction on timing, providing that most of the largest retailers plot to kick start their discount weeks earlier. Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, a majority of us will be reducing or eliminating shopping in stores and heading to the computers to shop online instead. This in itself will have an effect on holiday promotions as well. However, one thing will not change, a lot of deals impersonating terrific bargains will not be as good as you think. In this article, we will provide a few of the shopping tips that will assist in locating the best deals and minimize the possibility of overspending.

Start Early

All signs point to early shopping this Black Friday season as a really strategic move, not just due to deals being kicked off early, but because hot products being sold off quickly or not being delivered to your home at an appropriate time. According to Michael Bonebright, a consumer analyst at a leading comparison shopping site, online shoppers or even in-store shoppers who complete their purchases prior to Black Friday, will probably find products in stock, and chances of receiving them on time increase significantly. For example, Walmart has announced that it will release three ‘Deals for Days’ that will be spread throughout November starting online and then finding its way into the stores. Target has also decided to have it’s Deal Days’ running for the whole month of November. The NPD Group’s, vice president for Industry analysis, Stephen Baker, cautions that while it might be inviting to wait until the last minute to check to see if discounts increase, the reality of product shortages as seen previously could repeat this season.

Shop Online And Skip In-Store Sales

For the sake of not attracting large crowds, there will possibly be more significance on online shopping and reduced big in-store discounts, with online shopping highlighting ship to store programs accompanied with pickup curbside or free delivery. With the swap to shopping online being very successful, it is anticipated that retailers will significantly increase the promotions for the entire month, for all intents and purposes converting Cyber Monday into Cyber Month, as stated by Paul Gagnon the director of senior research at market research firm Media Gagnon. This could mean that there could be a mild price war as retailers react to the discounts offered by its competitors, resulting in new deals emerging throughout the entire shopping season.

Use Websites And Apps

There is no need to go retailer by retailer in an attempt to compare princes via each website. The consumer reports website, along with a few others, such as PriceGrabber and Google Shopping lists the current prices from various retailers for the items in similar categories. If you happen to be shopping in-store, there are smartphone apps like Shopkick, Shopular, and ShopSavvy that help you compare prices, score coupons and get discounts by scanning the bar codes or QR codes on the items. There are also websites that release leaked Black Friday adverts, DealNews, GottaDeal, and TheBlackFriday.com are some of them. Direct price comparison can be very difficult during this shopping period, some of the best deals promote models not available at other stores or could not be found earlier in the year. These two tips can assist in this; use browser extensions, browsers such as Firefox and Chrome have small bits of software, like Honey and CamelCamelCamel that can customize the browser, to view historical prices and receive price alerts. Add items to your shopping cart, add an item that you like to your shopping cart, then view another website to confirm that the price is actually a deal, it should be noted that adding the item to the shopping list does not guarantee that you will get the item, you must place the order and receive receipt confirmation.

Use Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs often ensure that members are granted early access to promotions, coupons, and sales, then they can also earn rewards on their purchasers. You can sign up for Black Friday shopping alerts and even find out whether the products are available to be purchased online and picked up in-store.

Create A Budget And Stick To It

This may sound overly simple, but Black Friday sales, in particular the doorbuster promotions that are available in limited amounts, are strategically designed to get you in-store or online so that the outlet can sell you products that you really had no intention of purchasing. Getting cause up in the excitement is very easy and you can just as easily overspend. Predetermine what is the limit for shopping on Black Friday and by all means, avoid impulse buying especially if you are unsure if the deal is really a good one.

Check All Store Policies In Advance

It is always an excellent idea to know the store that you are purchasing from return and price match policies. However, not a lot of us read these until it is too late. Practically all the large retailers have some sort of price match policy and this will probably extend this year as more outlets decide to do this as well. For instance, Target announced that they will extend the price match guarantee from November 1 to December 24 on products advertised as Black Friday deals, so basically you will be refunded the difference if you find the same product listed at a lesser price at Target.com or at a Target. You should read the fine print as some companies also suspend their price match policies on various products during the Black Friday season.