6 Best Meal Replacement Bars

Meal replacement bars are a full step above nutrition and energy bar and should be held to a higher standard. Meal bars are designed to function as a meal rather than just a snack to fill in the cracks. They can be great high-calorie performance fuel, lightweight trail food or an easy meal when you’re tight on time.

Kate’s Real Food – Grizzly Bar

A good meal bar by definition. It provides a decent amount of food and nutrition using healthy ingredients. Fairly calorically dense as well. Definitely on the sweet side.

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Clif Bar – Chocolate Chip

A health food titan. Clif Bar has a ton of flavor options, is sold everywhere and is relatively inexpensive. Really don’t cut it as a meal for me though. Some complain about their mealy texture and bland flavor.

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Greenbelly Meal – Dark Chocolate

A true meal. Has a well balanced nutritional profile providing 33% of your daily value for 6 core nutrients. Two bars per zip-sealed pack make it the perfect ready-to-eat backpacking meal.

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MET-Rx – Super Cookie Crunch

With a whopping 32 grams of protein, these are marketed as weight lifting meals bars for bulking up. You may need a scientist to pronounce some of the ingredients though.

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GoMacro – Protein Pleasure

This one checks all of the ingredient and dietary boxes – organic, clean protein source (brown rice and pea), Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Vegan. They have a mealy texture.

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ProBar- Original Blend

Probars are usually pretty moist and on the sweeter side. They also have whole chunks of fruits and nuts. Decent amount of nutrition and food.

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