5 Ways to Turn Your Camping Trip into a Glamping Trip

Ah, glamping! Glamping gets a bad rap for not being real camping, but rather being camping for city-folk who don’t know how to appreciate nature for what it is. However, glamping is just a way to add some comfort to the whole experience so you can really appreciate the outdoors without feeling the need to rush back to the luxuries of being in your home. Here are some easy ways to turn your regular camping into glamping without going over the top:

1. Cozy and Luxurious Bedding

The one thing everyone hates about camping is the uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. Let’s face it; most sleeping bags just don’t cut it as comfortable beds. Add a touch of luxury to your boring old tent with some furry pillows, a thick knit blanket and an extra layer of padding for your sleep sack. You’ll be dreaming in comfort under the stars as your plush bedding keeps you cozy.

2. Lighting is Everything

Give your campsite a Pinterest-worthy vibe by packing along some battery-powered twinkly lights and some Turkish-style lanterns. String the lights above you by using the trees as poles, and place them on shorter shrubs nearby. Place the lanterns close by to where you have set up camp to give your area a little something extra. The fairy lights under the stars as you sit by the campfire and enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family will feel truly magical.

3. Gourmet-Style Campfire Food

Meal prep before you leave for your trip can turn boring old burgers into a gourmet-style meal over the campfire. Recipes don’t have to be super complicated to taste great; you just need to know how to put the ingredients together in the best way possible! You can check out some of our favorite campfire recipes here; you’ll find a delicious Mediterranean breakfast, campfire shrimp scampi and a dessert option that isn’t s’mores!

4. Steamy Showers

What’s worse than waking up on a cold morning at a campsite and having to take an ice cold shower? Warm showers are a true luxury during camping trips, and you will be happy to know that portable hot water showers exist! Invest in one of these machines that will heat up your shower water for you, and work as a shower too! A hot shower on a cold day? Nothing gets better than that!

5. Privacy Precautions

It gets quite embarrassing trekking into the woods with some toilet paper in hand and having to do your business out in the open. Lucky for you, you can turn regular camping into glamping even in this regard. You can invest in a portable toilet that is collapsible, making it perfect to pack along for camping trips. You will get a seat to sit on and a privacy cover; you no longer have to be worried about someone spotting you as you rush through your process!
We hope we showed you some ways to make your next camping trip a little more comfortable and deluxe without taking away from the true experience of camping!

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