5 Ways People Are Going Back To Primitive Living

The modern life often leaves us absolutely exhausted, with little time left to pay attention to the good things. Our lives revolve around money and what we can buy with it. And so we orient our lives around what we own and what we don’t. The worst part about this is that even if we do everything right, we can easily end up feeling depressed and lonely.

Many people attribute this widespread problem of dissatisfaction to the severance from nature. These people assert that Homo sapiens evolved not to live the corporate life, but in the savannahs of Africa with wild trees all around. In recent years, more and more people are dedicated to spending their lives the ‘natural way.’

1. A Return to Natural Living

Landscapes of Alaska

If you are a fan of films, you may have seen ‘Into the Wild.’ Abandoning his life as a student at an esteemed college, Christopher McCandless struts off into a wild Alaskan forest unprepared in order to get away from artificial life. If you’ve actually seen the film, you know that it doesn’t end well for poor Christopher.
In order to live naturally, we have to accurately understand the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of our bodies. We must get in touch with our innermost animal desires and fulfill our needs. People who are making a switch to primitive living are doing just that.

2. Away from Concrete

Instead of fighting to rent a studio apartment in the middle of bustling cities, primitive enthusiasts are moving away from city life completely. They are finding wooden cabins to live in far away from civilization to give their bodies a chance to recover. Breathing in fresh air every morning instead of the fumes of cars sure does feel good!

3. Keeping the Body Healthy

Our ancestors were hunters and foragers. They had to go out everyday into the wilderness and search for food every single day. We may be a hundred thousand years ahead, but our bodies are lagging behind. Today, we sit by a computer screen all day and do various different things to attain food and sustenance. Primitive living means giving your bodies a chance to move around and get ample exercise.

4. Incorporating an Organic Diet

The hunter-gatherers couldn’t have possibly imagined beef cheese burgers like ours. Their diets were reliant on whatever they could find on a particular day within their reach. Today, we have a rising problem of obesity in much of the modern world. Primitive living means giving the body healthy alternatives to processed and preserved food.

5. Being in Touch with Nature

Besides food and exercise, primitive living allows you to connect with nature in a profound way. Humans prided themselves of being superior to other animals, but modern research tells us that the difference is only in degree. Primitive living means acknowledging that you aren’t just close to nature; you evolved from it.

Proponents of primitive living claim that they have found the true way to live; and unsurprisingly, it is far too different than how we live today.

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