5 Top Survival Schools In The United States

If you are ready to push your boundaries and become more self-reliant, here are some of the best survival schools in the states. You will get to learn a lot of new skills while enjoying breathtaking nature and also meet a lot of like-minded people.

1. EarthSkills Self-Reliance School.

EarthSkills is the first school in SC with over 3,200 followers in the last 5 years. Founded in 2013, the stated purpose of EarthSkills, LLC. is to help re-acquaint the community with the bounty of Nature and to reclaim the skills our culture once depended on to prosper as human beings.

Location: South Carolina
Duration: 1-5 day courses
Types of Survival Classes Offered: Wilderness survival skills, foraging and making cordage
Level: Beginner to advanced
Family Friendly: Kids 13 years and up when accompanied by an adult

2. Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

The school focuses on primitive living skills and you can expect to live at base camp with just hand-made materials. It is fun, educational, and actually a good vacation too.

Location: Utah
Duration: 4-28 day courses
Types of Survival Classes Offered: Primitive survival
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Family Friendly: No

3. Maine Primitive Skills School.

This survival school markets itself as the “center for wilderness awareness, survival, self reliance, and nature connection.” A lot of people will prefer the “earth living” focus over the doomsday mentality which is used at other survival schools.

Location: Maine
Duration: Mostly 1-5 days
Types of Survival Classes Offered: Foraging, earth living, wilderness survival
Level: Beginner to intermediate
Family Friendly: Youth survival camps offered

4. Sigma 3 Survival School.

Sigma 3, or “the Institute for Self Reliance,” is one of the best known survival schools. They offer a huge variety of courses from weekend wilderness retreats to customized classes.

Location: Primarily in Missouri, Virginia, Colorado, Arkansas, and Florida. International courses sometimes held.
Duration: From 1-day walks to 7+ days
Types of Survival Classes Offered: SERE, wilderness training, anti-abduction and defense, wild plants, survival fishing, trapping, and more
Level: Complete beginner to advanced classes available
Family Friendly: Some classes, yes

5. Ancient Pathways.

Ancient Pathways is best known for their primitive skills courses such as how to trap, track, and survive with tools that you can make yourself. They are also one of the best places to learn desert survival skills.

Location: Arizona
Duration: 1-day, overnight, and multi-day courses available
Types of Survival Classes Offered: Primitive survival, wilderness survival, bush-craft field courses, desert survival
Level: Beginner to advanced
Family Friendly: For kids 14 years and up

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