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5 Tools You Absolutely Need For Your Garden

Some of us are born green-fingered, and some of us have those green-fingers thrusts upon us. Either way, whether we enjoy it or not, at some point in our lives, most of us are going to have to get stuck in with some gardening work. As with any job, however, it is made that much more palatable if you are equipped with the right garden tools.

1. Trowel.

Whether for planting seeds or for picking up dog poo, garden trowels are endlessly flexible pieces of kit that can also be used to break up stones if you opt for a model with a strong enough metal blade. Ensure that the blade is well-fitted, however, or you might end up having to order a replacement not too soon after the first serious use. A digging fork also serves a similar purpose but is less flexible for our money.

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