5 Things You Should Never Do With Aluminum Foil


The versatility of aluminum foil is never-ending. Individuals could utilize it to cover a bowl that requires being stored in the refrigerator for a while, wrapping up leftovers, cleaning a pan, lining the bottom of a baking sheet and the list can go on and on and we are positive that you can add countless more uses. This is the very reason you open your pantry now and find a box or maybe two or three boxes. Even though aluminum foil is great to have around, there are some things that foil should never be used to do. There are a couple open to discussion uses for aluminum foil such as individuals worrying about cooking food in foil, however, this article is regarding those things that should never be done.

Never Place Foil In A Microwave

This is probably known by everyone and it is also almost certainly the most apparent, however, having a little reminder cannot hurt anyone, so under no circumstances should anything be wrapped in aluminum foil or with foil on it be placed in a microwave. Different from glass or paper, electromagnetic waves are unable to pass through metal, therefore they rebound off, which could cause sparks and even flames which could destroy the microwave or what is worse, begin a fire.

Never Bake Cookies On Foil

Even though individuals are able to line baking sheets with aluminum foil, for example, crisping up bacon in the oven, it is not considered the best item to be used as a liner for baking sheets if cookies are to be baked. Using the aluminum foil to line the baking sheet could result in the bottom of whatever is being baked more quickly, at the end of the day resulting in the product being unevenly baked. Rather than the aluminum foil, consider using a silicone baking mat, parchment paper, or a truly good spray that is nonstick.

Never Line The Bottom Of The Oven With Foil

Using aluminum foil to line the bottom of the oven as a catch-all for all those irritating spills and drips, in theory, is a fabulous idea, however, in practice, it is definitely not. It is so bad that the manufacturers of the Reynolds Wrap brand, do not recommend it. In order to avoid potential damage from heat to the oven, Reynolds Wrap does not encourage the use of aluminum foil for lining to the bottom of the oven. Rather, they suggest the use of a piece of aluminum foil on the rack that is underneath the item being baked or broiled. Tear off a piece that is a little bit longer than the baking pan or sheet that is being used. This will provide for efficient circulation of heat and collect any drips.

Never Use Foil For Acidic Foods

Foods such as tart fruits, tomato sauce, and tomatoes are acidic and could interact with the aluminum foil and, after a few days have passed, result in the foil eroding. When having to deal with these types of foods, it is better that individuals use plastic wrap or consider glass containers. What is more, in the event that persons have to wrap food up in aluminum foil, it is recommended that this is for a very brief period or as a temporary solution.

Never Toss Foil After Just One Use

Aluminum foil is entirely reusable, once it is clean enough and has not been crumpled up too badly. Individuals could even wash it by hand or place it on the top rack of the dishwasher spread out. It is also worth it if you could get more out of the foil than just a single-use. What is more, aluminum foil could possibly be recycled. Consult the county or town that you reside in or a recycling provider and continue to do your part.