5 Things We Will Never Do Again After The Pandemic


It individuals believed that a worldwide pandemic, unparalleled in scale in recent history, claiming over half a million lives in the United States and still counting, would result in Americans making significant, permanent changes to their behavior for the good of the public health, there is some unfortunate bad news. As it turns out, many Americans, all across the country, could only last so long maintaining their distance from friends, wearing a face mask in public areas, or going without a pedicure. As each state moves in the direction of various phases of reopening, continually watching each other to see if COVID-19 infections begin to increase. It is apparent that there are several activities, such as going to a pool, getting a haircut, and dining in at a restaurant are on their way back with needed modifications, other activities such as going to a movie theater or live concert, will remain forbidden by the powers that be for the foreseeable future.


For every patronizing opinion young people received regarding how to make a good first impression with a handshake that is firm, it is rather surprising that more persons are not dumbfounded to see this gesture fade into the distance. However, when compared to other activities that may alter considerably due to the coronavirus, many health experts in the public sector believe that the handshake is one of those activities that will definitely go away in its entirety. Barron Lerner, a professor from New York University Langone Health stated that he has no issue with the disappearance of the handshake. He believes that this is one of those gestures that could easily be replaced by another because the world has now recognized that there are deadly viruses that could be very easily transmitted. An elbow bump or even the traditional head nod could be the new normal greeting.

Coffee Culture

Drive-thru windows and curbside pickups, for most people, became a very popular option due to the social distancing directive, however, it could be a long time before individuals could mosey on into a coffee shop to kill a few hours just reading, hanging out, or working. According to Dustin Duncan, an associate professor of epidemiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, one thing which will change is spaces for lounging, where it is open for any and everyone. The Starbucks coffee culture will practically be dead for some time. Workers that are freelance that was accustomed to being snug in a corner of the coffee shop could instead opt to rent private spaces at shared workspaces such as WeWork, once they are able to afford it.

Swiping Right

In handshakes are going to its eternal end, exactly how fast will it be before Americans are able to bounce back on the dating scene again. Regardless of what label people put on it, internet dating, blind dating, or checking the apps, however, meeting with a complete stranger just for drinks or for the purpose of hooking up at an intimate bar is definitely an activity that has epidemiologists worldwide concerned. States across America even took it a step further by issuing safe sex guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem here is that it strongly warns against coming into close contact with persons that are now from your household. It may be off-limits to have physical contact with people that you have now met, however, that does not mean that persons are unable to conduct experiments using video conferencing dates.

Carefree Travel

Anybody that has plans to travel, regardless of their destination, will either have to alter them or take some very drastic safety measures. In many places, air travel, which should be completed only when totally necessary, goes together with temperature checks, noncontact check-ins, and several other precautions aimed at limiting the spread of the virus. However, it is not just for those traveling by air that these changes will be implemented, train and boat travel will be impacted. Although car travel might be the preferred mode of travel over buses and trains, road warriors may decide to restrict their breaks at rest stops as well. If individuals have to make a trip, it is recommended that they guard themselves carefully with hand sanitizer, face masks, and a comprehensive plan to restrict possible exposure whenever and wherever possible.

Heading To Work IF Feeling Sick

Americans that once worked from offices have spent the last year becoming acclimatized to operating from home, with experts predicting that even more, flexible hours of work will become the norm even after social distancing limitations end. However, after witnessing the disturbing effects that a deadly virus spreading quickly indoors could have, it is very probable that one noticeable American behavior, roughing it and touching it out at work even while feeling under the weather, could also become a thing of the past in the long term. It might be childishly optimistic to wish for expanded sick leave policies to be available to every employee in a post-pandemic future, and might be even worse to consider a low wage or gig work. However, if this virus has taught us anything, most people will think twice or even thrice before heading to work, or being asked to come into work, when they have the sniffles. What will happen is that if persons are sick and have the option of working from home, they will do it. What is more, is that they will take a true sick day off.