5 Survival Stories That Will Give You Chills

Under pressure, humans manage to do the impossible to survive. The human survival instinct drives them to live the harshest of conditions. Whether it’s the relentless ice, the empty desert, isolated islands, even in space, people still find impressive ways to beat nature and come out on top.

Harrison Okene

The sole survivor of the Jascon 4, Harrison Okene was the cook in a crew consisting of 12 members. He was in the bathroom when the boat capsized. The Jascon 4 was upside down in a depth about 100 feet with eleven of its crew dead. Trapped in an air pocket with only one bottle of coke and two flashlights he’d founded, Okene survived for 60 hours, praying to God. He described his surroundings black and noisy as the boat began to sink. He was aware of loud sounds as marine life fought over what he thought was the corpses of his crew mates. Almost three days later, a team was sent to recover the bodies and remains of the men. Okene heard a hammering sound from afar. He jumped in the freezing water and tried to gain the diver’s attention. He touched the back of his head and waved his hands in front of the camera. The diver shouted into the speak that he’d found a survivor. They put a diving helmet and a harness onto him. They used hot water to warm him up and attached an oxygen mask to him. Okene had to remain in a decompression chamber for 60 hours before he could return to the surface.

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