5 Signs Your Bug Bite Is Dangerous


Bugs are nasty little organisms that have prevailed in the tertiary period. There are over a million species of bugs and insects living today among us. Their population may even be more than the current human population. Fortunately, some have a shorter life span, and so, the cycle is maintained. 

Bugs are sworn enemies of human beings. One microscopic sting and voila rashes, a lump, and other side effects occur instantly. One can take many precautions to beware of bugs and prevent attacking the human body, but in the end, things go south. This means that no matter how hard you try to get rid of bugs, they are omnipresent, breathing the same air as you are. Some bug bites are not dangerous, while some can be lethal if you underestimate the attack. For the latter, it is important to understand five red flags that indicate that the bug bite is dangerous and can attack your system. 

What Makes Bugs Dangerous?

Certain bugs such as mosquitoes act as vectors capable of carrying lethal viruses that cause malaria and dengue, which is a common problem in countries around the equator. Other viruses such as chikungunya, West Nile, and Zika can enter your system by a mosquito bite. Black-legged ticks carry a virus that causes Lyme disease.

These are just common examples of how life-threatening a bug can be and its capabilities. It has been estimated that about 40% of the world’s population is a threat to such diseases. Hence, it is important to be an expert in identifying signs of lethal bug bites. Here is a list of these five signs that you should look for in case of a bug bite and use methods to immediately mitigate the effect or seek medical attention. 

Lymphangitis And Swollen Glands


Lymph nodes are pathways in your body, just like your nerves. The network of nerves in your body is responsible for circulating blood in your body, whereas lymph nodes are networks to flush out infections. Whenever a foreign substance like a virus or bacteria enters your body, the lymph node plays a vital role. A swollen lymph node or lymphangitis indicates the presence of some kind of infection in your body.

The infection causes your glands to swell up, and the situation can worsen if medical attention is not received immediately. You can identify this on your own by feeling a swollen area around your neck. Your doctor will cross-check this and give you the right diagnostics. Hence, do not feel panicked but take precautions by seeking medical help. If this is left untreated, the situation will worsen and enter your blood circulation system, causing sepsis, which might lead to death. 

Skin Bumps And Bruising


The human body is amazing as it reacts quickly when a foreign substance attacks it. A bug bite leaves a swollen or raised bump of skin along with a sensation of itching. Sometimes it can also develop into a bullseye rash which can be alarming. However, these raised bumps are not severe, but when the bump of the swelling prevails for several days, your body requires antibiotics. In such cases, you should wash the site of the bite with antiseptics or soapy water to avoid any further infection.

Swelling with a white blister in the center is a sign of a brown recluse spider attack, which one should treat immediately as the venom is lethal. Furthermore, if you notice bluish or blackish marks around the stung area, it signifies the body’s immune response. An allergic reaction with the mosquito’s proboscis or staph infection is due to staphylococcus bacteria. Hence, one should treat these conditions with immediate medical response in the right way. 

Dizziness And Difficulty In Breathing


Getting bit by arachnids can cause your throat to swell up and block the airway altogether. This condition can put you in an anaphylactic shock and cause a feeling of breathlessness. Since anoxic conditions are created in the body, you will feel dizzy and weak. You might also feel a condition of ulcer at the site of the bite affecting your digestive tract. When you feel the anaphylactic shock, use an EpiPen immediately or a muscle relaxer. If these drugs are not available, dial 911 immediately. 

Yellow Puss


Have you ever had a wound that turned into a yellow puss? If yes, you know what fuss for the puss is all about. Sometimes bug bites turn itchy and get swollen around the site of the bite. The natural reaction to the sensation of itchiness is scratching the wound and soothing the itchiness, which can sometimes infect the area and cause sepsis. 

Furthermore, some bug bites directly infect the area by the accumulation of pus on the site. The foul smell and the superficial skin that swells up with yellow pus are an accumulation of neutrophils, a type of WBC. As you know, WBCs are responsible for fighting off infections; this becomes a clear sign of a lethal bug bite. Therefore, when you get a bug bite and if the region shows yellow puss, it is time to consider going to the doc. Sepsis can occur, causing your heart to stop if the wound is left untreated. In mild cases, you might get a temperature for several days unless you a doctor provides you with antibiotics. 



Fever is a common symptom of many diseases. It is the first sign of an infection as the body tries to fight off foreign intrusions in the cell. A raised core temperature is the reason for the energy spent in fighting off these bacteria or viruses. Although fever is a common symptom, a fever associated with a bug bite is a definite sign of a lethal infection. Along with this, you might feel sweaty despite a pleasant temperature in the surrounding. If you have just returned home from a tropical destination during your vacations and are experiencing this symptom, the probable cause is a tropical bug bite. You might be at risk of dangerous viruses taking over your system. 

Along with this, you might experience chills and the sense of losing taste. It is important to take some electrolytes in this condition as a continuous rise in temperature might cause severe dehydration. However, it is important to consult with a doctor despite taking home medications, as it becomes easier to treat such nasty bug bites in the initial stages. You can avoid the whole situation altogether if you get vaccinated for these conditions as there is minimal risk of getting hospitalized. 


Since there are many million species of bugs and insects globally, not all infections are known to human intelligence. Hence, it is important to beware while traveling and using insect repellents at home as an additional layer of protection. You can also get vaccinated in advance to have a reduced impact of the attack on your body.