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5 Pieces of Equipment to Get You Cooking Outside

Taking time out to go camping and organizing an entire trip can seem like a huge hassle, especially if you’re working full-time and have a big family. Instead of getting worked up about planning a trip, why not just utilize the space you already have? A backyard is a great place to set up camp for a night for a busy family that wants to spend time together. What better way to bring a family closer than food?
Add one of these pieces of outdoor cooking equipment to help you become one with nature:

friends sit round a fire pit toasting marshmallows

If You Have a Fire Pit:

Having a campfire-like situation in the backyard is a great way to take advantage of the unutilized space outdoors. You can have staycation camping right in your own home! It’s a great way to spend time with your family while you appreciate nature.



1. Dutch Oven Tripod

cooking stew, nearby campsite, along the river

This piece of equipment is reminiscent of what witches used to hang their cauldrons over a fire in old cartoons. It is a tripod that has a chain where you can hang a Dutch oven right above the fire. Cook a variety of different things from soups and stews to fried chicken in this versatile pot.


2. Campfire Rotisserie

chicken rotating slowly over fire

Do you love a whole rotisserie chicken? Why not make your own right above a fire in your home! This stand has legs that rest on either side of your fire pit, letting you roast anything from chicken to a leg of lamb right above the fire. Let your inner chef go wild with this primitive but delicious cooking method!


If You Don’t Have a Fire Pit:

If you don’t have the space or simply don’t want to make a fire pit, there are many other options for you to get cooking outside. Firstly, you can purchase a portable fire pit, but if that still isn’t your style, here are some other options:

gas operated stove

3. Outdoor Gas and Stove Burner

Install an outdoor stove so you can create all the dishes you would in your home, just outdoors! Instead of spending cool summer days cooped up inside, take advantage of the space you have and make a delicious meal for your family in the backyard.


4.Outdoor Grill

Young happy people enjoying barbecuing in forest

One of the easiest things you can add to your backyard is a grill. Grills come in a variety of different types and sizes, so they can fit any sort of outdoor space. You can get a wood fire grill or a gas grill; either way – it’s a great way to spend the day outside sipping on beers and showing off your newly acquired barbecuing skills.


5. Wood-burning Pizza Oven

Getting this one requires a little bit of an effort and some construction as well. Traditional wood-fire ovens need to be made with bricks and certain measurements. You can find specialists who can come in and assess your space and tell you the place to construct yours. Bare warning though, your pizzas will be so delicious, your guest might want to keep coming back for more!
We hope you found something that could work for you in our list of outdoor cooking equipment!

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