5 Off-Grid Communities Living Sustainably


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Sustainable living- outdoor gardening

We see the news constantly covering the detrimental effects of climate change and global warming because of the way humans have lived on this planet. Consumerism has taken over and material stuff is all that seems to make us happy.

We shove the waste from everything we buy back into the Earth, not expecting the damaging outcome that it has had on the planet. Instead, most turn their heads the other way and expect the Earth to just… survive. Some, however, have realized that it just isn’t possible. We were given the responsibility to take care of where we live, and this is just not the way to do it.

Everyone on this Earth is slaving away and scrambling to survive when Mother Nature has provided us with everything we need to live. So, let’s get back to basics. In a world run by material gain, greed and corruption, some folks have decided to get back to simpler times by starting off-grid sustainable communities.

But what does living off-grid mean? There are no hard and fast rules to living off-the-grid; it just means to live without the reliance on public utilities like municipal water, a sewerage system or natural gas. Off- grid communities live autonomously, and are self-sufficient.

Usually run by solar power, these communities grow their own food and usually use a barter system or a local currency for trade. In a way, this is a more primitive way of living, but somehow the future of living as well, because we have to learn to live more sustainably and give back to the planet in order for it to survive.

Here are five communities and eco-villages that are successfully living sustainably, off-the-grid:


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