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5 of Our Favorite Snowboards

Snowboarding is a fun recreational activity to spice up your otherwise dull and boring winter holidays. When buying the perfect snowboard, you’re often bombarded with a bewildering variety of different brands, shapes, designs, sizes, etc. After looking at all these boards, choosing the board with the right length, width, and shape can be tricky. For first time buyers, selecting an ideal snowboard becomes twice as difficult.
But don’t worry.
Here, we bring you the top 5 snowboards that every young or professional snowboarder must buy if they want to enjoy recreational or professional snowboarding!


1. GNU Head Space



The GNU Head Space is a soft, asymmetrical twin snowboard that offers a smooth, conventional ride. The snowboard features an eco-sublimated poly top and an eco-sublimated sintered base, which makes the snowboard tough, sturdy, and durable. Precision control and steeper and lower activation angle are some other commendable features of the equipment.
Not only does it provide a fun ride to the user, but it is also fantastic to look at it. Its funky, unique design is sure to bring a smile across your face.



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