5 Low Impact Yard Games for Older People


After retirement or living separate from children, older people feel alone and depressed, which is not suitable for their health. Playing games in their yard helps them to stay active, happy, and full of energy. Some games help older people improve their mood, concentration, sharpening memory, etc. 

Many older people have no high stamina or energy to do high-energy games but don’t worry. Many low-impact games remove their boredom, stress, and depression. Let’s discuss some low-impact yard games for older people that are beneficial for older people’s mental and physical health.

Bocce Ball 

Bocce ball is the simple and most effortless game for older people to play. This is the game that older people can play with their old group friends to obtain more social engagement. Bocce ball is mainly popular in the United States, Italy, and European countries. You play the game on a hard or flat surface, such as a yard with dirt, grass, or sand. 

Bocce ball starts with the team who wins the toss; they toss the bocce ball towards the opposite end of the playing yard. After that, every person tries to throw or reach their balls closest to the bocce ball. After throwing all the balls, which team’s balls come closest to first bocce ball, wins. 


Cornhole is one of the most popular games for older people. It is simple and easy to play for everyone. The platform of the cornhole game is set around 27 feet apart and propped up at a low angle. This game is between two teams. Each team player has their four-four bean bags; turn wise, they can come and throw their bags on the opposing team’s board. If one team player targets the opponent board correctly, they get one point, and if they reach their bag in the hole of the board, they get three points for one bag. The winner of the game is the first team to reach 21 points.


It is a game that involves hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet and passing out from the hoops embedded on the yard’s grass. The game starts with players driving wooden balls with mallets from hoops and wickets spaced around the yard. After crossing all the hoops in the proper sequence, the first who hit the final stake will win the game. This game helps older people to spend time with their friends and stay active.

Lawn Bowling

Lawn bowling is a low-impact and fun game. It is a perfect yard game for older people. The set of hardwood bowling comes with two bowling balls, ten bowling pins, and one carry bag. It is best if you can play on flat and hard surfaces. You can play this game on a team or single players. The player or team who hits or lays down max pins wins. 


In Europe, many older people like to play badminton in their yard with their friends or partner in the evening. It is a fun game and also good for the physical health of older adults. In badminton, you need lightweight rackets and a shuttle to play. Firstly embedded the net in the yard, then both players stand one-one side of the net. The players with the highest score at the end win. 


All the games above are easy to set up and take apart. This makes games an easy afternoon activity and an excellent reason to spend more time outside. The games above also require few movements and are fun to play with all ages. Next time you are with your family,the  consider bringing these fun games along with you.