5 Ideal Tips For Living Off The Grid

5 Ideal Tips For Living Off The Grid

Have you ever thought of unplugging the keyboard, putting the out-of-office reply on permanent, taking an axe to your desktop, raising a middle finger to your boss and heading for the hills? It’s not a decision to be taken lightly though, so if you’re thinking of making a clean break and bidding farewell to city living, then you might want to consider these.

1. Keep Connections.

Remote living shouldn’t mean cutting yourself off from the world entirely. Loneliness and isolation isn’t the goal here; an unburdening of the pressures of modern life is. Keep in touch with friends and family, and your remote life won’t feel quite so remote.

2. Energy Essentials.

It’s vital that you have a consistent and reliable source of energy when you’re far from where the action is. Many ‘off-grid’ homes look to traditional energy sources and heating solutions like coal to provide the necessary energy.

3. Grow your Own.

To truly feel like you’re living a low-impact, high-independence existence, you’ll want to look into growing your own food. There have been some amazing tech advances in the farming industry recently which you can make use of them with a fairly low financial outlay.

4. Make Your Money.

It’s all well and good planning to live off the fruits of the land, but you’re still going to need an income of some sort to maintain your new way of life. Consider options like selling of excess produce, or perhaps copywriting, editing or buying and selling online.

5. Embrace The Peace.

You’ve made the decision to cut ties with the daily grind for a reason. It’s best then, not to bring all of your baggage – emotional and physical – with you to your new, off-the-grid home. Embrace letting go, appreciating peace and practicing your own brand of mindfulness.

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